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Baby boomers robbed young of all hope – ‘A heritage of economic carnage’ by ‘investment bankers, tech oligarchs’ that have ‘undermined chances of upward mobility’ How the boomers robbed the young of all hope Younger generations inherit a world in which the middle ranks are struggling almost everywhere April 18, 2022 | 12:00 am FROM THE MAGAZINE Written by: Joel Kotkin “Young people do not degenerate; this occurs only after grown men have already become corrupt.” — Montesquieu, The Spirit of […]

John Kerry: I’m putting natural gas ‘on notice’ – They have ‘no more than 10 years’ to capture CO2 emissions or else By JAZZ SHAW You have to admire the sense of humor on display by the editorial board at The Wall Street Journal some days. Their article from Friday carried the simple but amusing title, “John Kerry Says the Darndest Things.” They’re referring to a recent interview that Biden’s “climate envoy” did with Bloomberg TV. […]

Buttigieg floats ‘monthly transportation payment’ that ‘covers everything’ to replace monthly car payments By Nicholas Ballasy Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg suggested that transitioning to a “monthly transportation payment” from monthly car payments could be in America’s future. Buttigieg also said a “monthly mobility dividend” could lie further out in the future. “What I mean by that is if we’re looking way out into the future, where we have […]

New Study: Wind, Solar Energy Now Killing 48% Of Priority Bird Species With ‘Population-Level Effects’ By Kenneth Richard Of California’s 23 vulnerable bird species studied (barn owls, golden eagles, road runners, yellow-billed cuckoos…), scientists have found 11 are now experiencing at least a 20% decline in their population growth rates because wind turbines and solar panels are killing them and/or destroying their limited-range habitat. California’s mild-winter Mediterranean climate is home […]

Professor in The Hill: ‘Get ready to see more climate terrorism’ – ‘The increasing infuriation of climate activists is warranted’ BY ELIZABETH CHALECKI – A professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha, a former research fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a research chair with Fulbright Canada. In early November, two eco-activists were arrested in Newcastle, Australia, for blocking the Port of Newcastle’s outgoing coal-loading operations. The two women abseiled from coal-loading […]

Report: Climate Activist Sets Himself On Fire After Taking Michael Mann Climate Course by Tony Heller “Climate Activist Dies After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court A friend described the actions of Wynn Bruce, of Boulder, Colo., as “a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis.” Climate Activist Dies After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court – The New York Times […]

Meteorologist Anthony Watts’ new book ‘Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students’ soars to #1 new release in Climatology on Amazon By Anthony Watts Climate at a Glance is Available for Purchase Today on Amazon. It has already jumped to the top of many book categories for “new releases.” It is now the #1 new release in Climatology. So I’ve been working on this for about a year. It’s ready. I give it about 72 […]