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Meteorologist Anthony Watts’ new book ‘Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students’ soars to #1 new release in Climatology on Amazon

By Anthony Watts

Climate at a Glance is Available for Purchase Today on Amazon. It has already jumped to the top of many book categories for “new releases.” It is now the #1 new release in Climatology.

So I’ve been working on this for about a year. It’s ready. I give it about 72 hours before the forces of darkness try to take it down from Amazon. (Update : it has started, see review posted below.)

My new book: Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students: Facts on 30 Prominent Climate Topics – is available on for the first time and debuted on Earth Day

Although I’m the primary author, the book is published by The Heartland Institute, the 2022 edition of the book breaks down 30 of the most frequently argued climate issues into short, “at-a-glance” summaries that provide, accurate, critical information concerning climate change. Topics include the latest data and analysis of the climate’s effect on crop production, drought, floods, coral reefs, sea-level rise, ice melt, extreme weather, the urban heat-island effect, wildfires, polar bears, the effect of COVID-19 on carbon dioxide levels, and more.

“Each topic has key takeaways, and is cited and referenced, often using U.S. government data from NOAA, NASA, EPA and other agencies to cut through the clutter and show the reality of each climate topic,” said Heartland Institute Senior fellow Anthony Watts,

“After spending decades on-camera during the evening TV news presenting meteorological events and trying to explain them in a way that a layperson can understand, I applied that experience to the production of this book.

“Simple, easy-to-digest explanations, factual references, and compelling graphics allow for easy reading of what are often complex climate topics,” Watts said.

BONUS: The paperback of the book contains links and a scannable QR-code to freely downloadable and distributable digital PDF copies of the book, as well as a PowerPoint slide deck for all the topics.

Co-author and Heartland Institute President James Taylor, who has studied, debated, and written about environmental and energy issues for nearly 20 years, says this book is an essential resource for teachers, students, and parents to counter the one-sided and alarmist climate instruction in most public schools today.

“The environmental left has done everything in its power to monopolize climate messaging and prevent students from learning the truth about asserted climate change,” Taylor said. “Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students shows that scientific truth will always win out over agenda-driven propaganda.”

H. Sterling Burnett, director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environment Policy at The Heartland Institute, edited Watts’ and Taylor’s work. The book presents facts without the “hyperbolic statements of doom” common in academia and popular culture.

“If teachers are going to discuss climate change in their classrooms, the discussions should be grounded in an accurate representation of the science,” Burnett said. “Climate at a Glance provides this in a form easily accessible for teachers and students alike. Without frills or hyperbolic statements of doom, using verifiable data for topic after topic, Climate at a Glance demonstrates there is no climate crisis.”