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Watch: Morano’s 1-hour speech in North Dakota – Talks climate lockdowns, Green New Deal & latest climate wackiness – ‘Predict both (or all) outcomes, and you are always right’

Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot trekked to icy Bismarck North Dakota on January 6,  2022, for an hour-long presentation debunking the so-called “consensus” on climate change. Morano spoke to the group about the Green New Deal, the potential for climate lockdowns, how climate science is not falsifiable, and the latest wacky claims of the climate campaigners. Presents: MARC MORANO🚨

Marc will be at the Belle Mehus Auditorium on Thursday, January 6th to tell North Dakota about Climate Change.
Marc Morano is the publisher of CFACT’s Climate Depot and the Author of the 2021 book Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think.
Books for sale + book signing after event. Playing clips from Marc’s new Movie: Climate Hustle 2 and live Q&A during event!
Tickets are on-sale NOW! Students: $25 | Adults: $35
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Watch: Morano on North Dakota TV talks his upcoming speech in January in Bismarck


Climate Correspondent Captivates Bismarck Audience

By Greg Demme – The Dakotan 
BISMARCK—More than 100 people braved the inhospitable twenty-degree-below-zero weather to take in a presentation on the topic of climate on Thursday, Jan. 6, at Bismarck’s Belle Mehus Auditorium.  

Special guest Marc Morano, Executive Editor and Chief Correspondent of Climate Depot and author of Green Fraud, delivered an hour-long presentation called, “Climate Hustle: Government Can’t Control Earth’s Climate.” In the presentation, he described what he has seen over the past 30 years as a climate correspondent as “exploitation of real and imagined crises.”

“It’s all about selectively using environmental issues for political purposes,” said Morano. He added, “They try to hype temperature changes within the margins of error, a tenth of a degree or even a few hundredths of a degree, as if they are meaningful.”

Morano, who has personally attended almost every UN climate summit since 2002, displayed copious data from mainstream scientific and media sources that demonstrate what he calls climate alarmism and a “climate control agenda.”

“Ninety-five percent of my sources are mainstream media, climate journals, medical journals,” he explained.

Morano related more than a dozen different topics on which peer-reviewed scientific studies reported exactly opposite conclusions. For example, he demonstrated, climate change is reported to cause less rain, and more rain (but with less water); more floods, fewer floods; more drought, less drought; more Antarctic ice, less Antarctic ice; more colorful autumn leaves, less colorful autumn leaves.

The list went on. “Global warming causes more crime. But reduction in crime leads to more global warming.” He concluded, “Predict both (or all) outcomes, and you are always right.”

Summing up his talk, Morano stated, “My message is, ‘How many times do we have to save the planet?’ Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, the UN, all said we saved the planet when we signed the Paris agreement. Then two years later they’re saying we have to do it all over again. There’s no way to actually say we’ve done it.” He concluded, “It’s all about control.”

Morano scoffed at having been called an industrial spokesperson in the past. “I’m not a product of special interests. I’m not a product of lobbying. I’m not paid by big oil.” He continued, “Almost all my funding comes from grass roots. We’re a grass roots organization.

Margo Knorr, founder of, the nonprofit organization based in Coleharbor that sponsored Morano’s presentation, was excited about the turnout of more than 100 people. With the frigid temperatures, she was “only expecting about 40” attendees.

“It was really exciting to see so many people here,” said Knorr, “especially for such an intellectual presentation.”

At the end of the presentation, Morano spent 15 minutes answering questions from the audience and then stuck around to chat with individuals afterward.

Morano chats with audience members after the presentation. [photo: Greg Demme/The Dakotan]

One audience member, Sandra Sanford, Bismarck, appreciated the content of Morano’s presentation. “I thought it was fact-based. I thought it was comprehensive,” Sanford said. “I loved the history that he brought into the presentation.”

Sanford continued, “What I thought was alarming tonight was the connection between the COVID overreach and the climate control agenda…because I don’t know if I had connected those two.”

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