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1941 theory linking warmer temps to rise of Hitler & Mussolini could explain public’s acceptance of COVID lockdowns – ‘People are more docile & easily led in warm weather’

The question looms: Did global warming cause the public to be more “docile” or “complacent” in accepting COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, curfews, vaccine passports and travel restrictions?!

“If one lesson from the pandemic is that taking serious action in a timely manner is key – then shouldn’t this also be true in terms of climate change?” asked the Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle at G7 Speakers’ Meeting in  September 2020. Many climate activists want to combine COVID & climate for the ultimate power grab by unelected bureaucrats.  Speaker Hoyle was amazed at how “compliant” the public was in accepting COVID lockdowns “No-one could ever imagine that we would be wearing masks so readily and that we would all be so compliant,” he said. “People were prepared to accept limitations on personal choice and lifestyle – for the good of their own family and friends.” (Also see: Deleted UK Government Report Celebrates Publics’ ‘Powerful Tendency to Conform’ To COVID lockdowns – Seeks to ‘nudge’ public with same tactics for climate regs)

‘Increasingly warmer temperatures throughout the world may produce a  trend toward dictatorial governments, in the opinion of Dr. Clarence A. Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati,” reported United Press (UP) in the Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City Iowa on March 27, 1941.

“In fact, Dr. Mills believes that the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy may be due in part to the gradually warming temperature of the world.  People are more docile and easily led in warm weather than in cold, Dr. Mills insists,” UP reported. “Dr. Mills is author of a theory that climate has a marked effect on human growth, stature, sex development and disease resistance,” the report added. 


Tony Heller, who runs the website, who dug up the old article, summed up the twin threats of COVID lockdowns and climate “solutions” in 2020. “We have arrived at the end game. Totalitarianism and economic depression. And a compliant public which has begged for it to happen,” Heller said. “A small group of academics has seized control of public policy,” Heller added.  Heller explained that “1) CDC director says 90% of the population is vulnerable; 2) PCR tests make people believe virus is everywhere; 3) Mask mandates make people think the only reason they are still alive is a piece of cloth. “Conclusions – everyone else is a mortal threat and government tyranny is needed.”

Flashback 1941: Scientist claimed Global Warming Caused Hitler – Warmer temps ‘may produce a trend toward dictatorial govts’ – ‘People are more docile & easily led in warm weather’

Would a 1930s UN climate treaty have prevented Hitler & Mussolini?! (This is so confusing, also see: ‘DID GLOBAL WARMING SAVE HITLER?’




Full Article: 

Dr. Mills was a professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati. He was the author of more than eighty articles in scientific journals and of three books, ‘Living With the Weather’, ‘Medical Climatology’, and ‘Climate Makes the Man.’

Review of Dr. Mill’s 1942 book: ‘Climate Makes the Man’ CLARENCE A. MILLS. (vi, 320 pp. New York, Harper Brothers, 1942 .)

Climate Makes the Man (Clarence A. Mills - 1946) (ID:21084)


But wait! ‘DID GLOBAL WARMING SAVE HITLER?’ – High heat day may have saved Hitler from an assassination attempt. Adolf Hitler survived the assassination attempt of 20 July 1944. Why? Three pieces of evidence point the way:

From “The history of the German resistance, 1933-1945” by Peter Hoffmann, p655):

…the briefing conference was normally held in a bunker and…on 20 July only it was held in a flimsy hut owing to the heat

From WikipediaHitler would have been killed had any of the three other scenarios occurred:
* both bombs detonated;
* the meeting was held inside Hitler’s bunker;
* the briefcase was not moved.

Scientific studies, data and history refute climate/national security claims – Climate Depot’s Rebuttal


‘The Next Genocide’- NYT OpEd: Climate ‘deniers’ present ‘intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s’

RealClimateScience comment: ‘Sec. of State John Kerry says that global warming at 400 PPM CO2 produced drought and ISIS.  This is a familiar theme, because in 1941 experts said that global warming at 310 PPM CO2 produced Hitler.’


In 1974, the CIA said that global cooling at 330 PPM CO2 caused drought and political instability.


21 Jul 1976 – C.I.A. WARNING Changes to climate to bring uphea…

Image 27

9 Jun 1976, Page 4 – at


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Reality Check: Scientists reject notion that human-caused climate change led to war in Syria – ‘Human-influenced climate change impact on the drought conditions was almost certainly too small to have mattered’

2014 Study: ‘The humanitarian crisis of the late 2000s largely predated the drought period.‘ – ‘Focusing on external factors like drought and climate change in the context of the Syrian uprising is counterproductive as it diverts attention from more fundamental political and economic motives behind the protests and shifts responsibility away from the Syrian government.’

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In 1933, similar baseless claims were made. See: 1933 claim: ‘YO-YO BANNED IN SYRIA – Blamed For Drought’

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Washington Times Features Climate Depot: Morano: It is ‘nothing short of bonkers to think that a U.N. climate summit could help reduce terrorism’