Speaker of UK House of Commons seeks lockdown-style climate regulations – ‘No-one could ever imagine that we would be wearing masks so readily & that we would all be so compliant’

By: - Climate DepotSeptember 13, 2020 1:19 PM


‘Dream on!’ Speaker Lindsay Hoyle slapped down for lockdown-style climate change rules

THE TYPE of restrictions on daily life introduced to fight coronavirus could command public support if brought in to tackle the threat of climate change, the Speak of the House of Commons has suggested.


Sir Lindsay Hoyle told a gathering of counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful countries that the pandemic shows people are prepared to accept limitations on their lifestyles – if they recognise it is for the greater good.

He was surprised by the willingness of millions of people to wear masks and accept new rules, and said the urgent response the world has shown to deal with Covid-19 should now be harnessed to address climate change.