CFACT’s Marc Morano is expert on just that.  Climate Depot puts climate claims in perspective through reliance on actual measured temperature and historical weather data.  All that objective reporting gives the Left the willies.

Here’s a perfect example.  The blinkered warmists at Gizmodo / Earther are besides themselves over reports that Fox News is thinking of launching a weather channel.  What frightens them most? “If they bring on a denier like Marc Morano,” they write, “if he starts to get a platform there—that content is going to go on his website, it’s going to go into other right-wing media infosphere, it’s going to bounce back on Fox, it’s going to go on social media, and they’re going to push that out in moments when everybody else is saying, ‘this is climate change’–they’re going to be able to tell this right-wing media bubble, it’s not.” —  Allison Fisher, the director of the climate and energy program at Media Matters.

Media Matters is part of the far-left propaganda online empire founded by David Brock.  Brock channels vast sums of dark money into websites designed to stifle balanced political discourse.  Sites like Media Matters don’t genuinely fear misleading or false information, they fear genuine facts that debunk their own false narratives.

Marc Morano just posted a Climate Depot Special Report which corrects the record on the recent heat wave that barreled through the American Northwest, which had nothing to do with “climate change.”

Here’s the warming narrative:

Model Based Study: Northwest heat wave impossible without climate change: “They logged observations of what happened and fed them into 21 computer models and ran numerous simulations. They then simulated a world without greenhouse gases from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas. The difference between the two scenarios is the climate change portion.”

Dr. Roy Spencer Dr. John Christy manage temperature satellites for NASA.  Here are the facts reported at Climate Depot:

  • Global satellite temperature for June 2021 is below the 30-year averageActivists panicked CFACT will correct them on climate 1
  • There are plenty of record cold outbreaks happening around the globe
  • Unusually strong cold weather outbreaks spread from Antarctica into central South America,
  • South America experiencing early winter temperature records and first snowfall in decades
  • About 75% of the U.S. states recorded their hottest temperature prior to 1955
  • Over 50 percent of the states experienced their record cold temperatures after 1940
  • EPA data shows that in the 1930s U.S. heatwaves were far more severe than current temperatures

In recent years global temperatures have been running slightly warmer when compared to various baselines, however, by less than one degree centigrade.  This does not account for today’s weather variations even when they are sometimes extreme (as they always have sometimes been).  Both the summer heat we experienced in the U.S. and the cold they are experiencing below the equator are natural.  Real world temperatures consistently run cooler than the climate computer simulations that form the basis of climate policy and reporting.

Today’s weather would have occurred whether you live in a free, prosperous, energy-rich society or not.

Leftist narratives collapse when measured against objective data and history.

That’s what has the Left in a panic.


  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.