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‘Opened glove box & a rodent fell out’ – Rodents chow down on Teslas (yummy) soy-based wiring, causing thousands in damage By Theo Wayt Elon Musk may have a rat problem. Fans of the South African billionaire’s electric cars say rats, mice and rodents are chomping down on their Teslas. And despite having dropped tens of thousands of dollars to buy the pricey vehicles, Tesla refuses to cover the damage. Sarah Williams, a 41-year-old physician who lives […]

North Dakota suing Biden admin over halting oil and gas leases The state of North Dakota has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for the suspension of oil and gas leases on federal land in water, saying the move will cost the state hundreds of millions in lost revenue. President Joe Biden has ordered the suspension during the first days of taking office […]

‘A role model for other families’: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle receive environmental award for ‘enlightened’ decision to have only two children Population Matters, a UK environmentalist organization, has chosen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as recipients of an award for the “enlightened” decision to only have two children.  The pair currently only have one son, Archie, born in 2019. According to Independent, a spokesperson from Population Matters said, “In choosing and publicly declaring their intention to limit their family […]

Activists panicked CFACT will correct them on climate By Craig Rucker | If there’s anything climate computer modelers and warming activists fear, it’s real-world hard data that corrects their exaggerations. CFACT’s Marc Morano is expert on just that.  Climate Depot puts climate claims in perspective through reliance on actual measured temperature and historical weather data.  All that objective reporting gives the Left the willies. Here’s […]

GREENLAND GAINED RECORD AMOUNTS OF SNOW & ICE IN MAY & JUNE By CAP ALLON On the back of substantial Surface Mass Balance (SMB) gains since 2016 (which coincide with a stark drop in Earth’s average temperature), the Greenland ice sheet is increasing that trend of GROWTH in 2021. Despite MSM obfuscations, vast regions of Greenland are currently gaining record levels of snow and ice. Back […]

Why space flights’ green credentials don’t fly: Billionaire space race between Bezos & Branson raises climate questions–green-credentials-don-t-fly-20210711-p588oy Why space flights’ green credentials don’t fly After years of work and billions of dollars, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are climbing into their own spacecrafts to take trips to the edge of space to prove that space tourism is a viable business. Both claim green credits for their endeavours. Branson’s space flight company Virgin […]

Biden Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen: US regulators to assess risk posed by ‘climate change’ to financial system AP) — U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she will lead an effort by top U.S. regulators to assess the potential risk that climate change poses to America’s financial system, part of a wide-ranging initiative launched by the Biden administration. Yellen says the regulatory review, which will be done by the Financial Stability Oversight Council, will examine […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: If only I believed man was the reason By Joe Bastardi  Think of your favorite Man-Made Global Warming Scientist. Now, what if that person put out research that had 20 Major hurricane hits preceded by a cold May for the eastern US< and then a cold December that looked like the Mays. Imagine if that scientist reveals this research. (btw  that in […]