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On the back of substantial Surface Mass Balance (SMB) gains since 2016 (which coincide with a stark drop in Earth’s average temperature), the Greenland ice sheet is increasing that trend of GROWTH in 2021.

Despite MSM obfuscations, vast regions of Greenland are currently gaining record levels of snow and ice.

Back on May 26, a single day gain of more than 12 gigatons was logged which sent the official SMB chart –courtesy of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)– into unprecedented territory.

The May 26 reading shot that blue line off the charts, literally:

May 26’s’of the charts’ SMB gains [DMI].

Further record-breaking GAINS were logged throughout June.

Most notably on June 24, when a gain of 4 gigatons was logged.

This was an astonishing accumulation for the time of year — never before in the month of June had the Greenland ice sheet grown by 4 Gts in a single day (according to DMI data which extends to 1981).

Greenland SMB gains (to July 5, 2021) [DMI].

According to the climate alarmists, the Greenland ice sheet should have melted into oblivion by now — yet here we are, posting record July gains which in turn are pushing this year’s balance above the 1981-2010 mean:

Greenland SMB gains [DMI] — note how this 2021’s gains (blue line in the bottom graph) have burst through the 1981-2010 mean (grey line).

Earth’s climate is cyclic, it isn’t linear.

The spell of global warming we witnessed can be tied to high solar output, while the period of cooling we experienced prior to this (from around 1960 to 1980) can be linked to low solar activity.

To believe that the natural order of things has somehow been thrown off course by human carbon dioxide emissions is sheer folly — this theory isn’t backed up by the raw temperature data charts, for example (you know, the ones before government agencies make their ‘adjustments’ — see the link below for more on that).

We’ve had some 40+ years of ‘catastrophic global warming’ now, but even the staunchest of climateers will still struggle to point to a single real-world observation that demonstrates its existence.

Deadly heat waves have ALWAYS occurred, as have hurricanes, as have extreme polar outbreaks — to now circumvent logic and ignore historical documentation in order to pin all these weather events on human CO2 emission is laughable.

Deaths due to climatological events and natural disasters are at an all-time low, yet the gullible masses keenly lap up the EOTW rhetoric spouted by the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs.

This cataclysmic message is enticing, and it gives meaning to people’s otherwise benign existence. It appears to fill the gap once occupied by religion, for there is nothing that exerts such powerful control over a population than the threat of the ‘end of days’–when all Christian believers will rise “in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.”

Climate Change is the new religion.

It pushes the exact same buttons Christianity, for example, does — it threatens the end of days if you don’t comply, it asks for great sacrifices, and for a seismic change in the way you live; it prevents you from fully enjoying life, and acts as a nagging force in your mind, constantly preying on your deepest fear: mortality.

This incessant worry acts as a blocker to open thought, to freedom of speech, and to debate.

It shuts down reasoned discussions, meaning the masses are never privy to the other side of the dogma.

The data simply doesn’t support notions of a ‘Climate Crisis,’ it no longer supports even a mild bout of global warming. Since 2016 our planet has been cooling, down some 0.7C in those 5 years.