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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Trump’s energy dominance & Kerry’s hypocrisy & UN Paris pact



Jedediah Bila: John Kerry is returning to the White House this time as Joe Biden’s new climate czar. Will this just put the U.S. Back into a bad deal? That is the question. Our next guest says America’s energy dominance is in jeopardy. Stay tuned.

Video clip: “For the first time ever, the United States will have a full-time climate leader there will be a principle on The National Security Council who will make sure climate exchange on the agenda in the Situation Room. For the first time ever, we will have a presidential envoy on climate. The world will know that with one of my closest friends John Kerry he is speaking for America on one of the most pressing threats of our time.”

Steve: Did you see that press conference yesterday here on the channel? President-Elect Joe Biden named former secretary of state and former senator John Kerry as his climate czar who will lead Biden’s $2 trillion plan to fight climate change.

Jedediah: But our next guest warns this appointment will lead the United States right back into a bad deal.

Brian Kilmeade: Sounds very much like the Covid restrictions. Marc Morano the producer of the film climate hustle 2 editor at climate Marc, if I’m in the oil and gas industry I’m not feeling too good today. You believe this is just reracked of this is the Green New Deal come to life with John Kerry.

Marc Morano: Yes. Brian, it is. This is — John Kerry and Joe Biden are coming in and their two objectives on climate are to push the Green New Deal and to push the United Nations Paris climate act. Now, this is coming at a time well, first of all, John Kerry in 2015 said the world achieved a victory with the U.N. Paris agreement and this would be a victory for future generations. Yesterday he said this agreement the U.N. Paris agreement is not enough. And now they are talking about multiple increases of U.S. Commitments over the years. In other words, they declared victory. We saved the planet in reality we didn’t save the planet. This is an agenda that’s going to go right at the heart of perhaps President Trump’s greatest accomplishment which is the United States energy dominance.

Steve Doocy: Marc, right now the world is worried about the pandemic and Coronavirus and trying to go to a vaccine. It’s interesting though in the research we’ve put together apparently Kerry said that climate change will lead to more viruses. The quote is climate change is a threat multiplier for pandemic and diseases. They are impacted by climate change and affect on animal migration. So it’s a confluence of both?

Marc Morano: 
>> Yes. He said the parallels are screaming at us. If you solve Covid you solve climate. Started last March the entire contingent of climate activists from the U.N. Chief to U.N. Climate chiefs joined together and Jane Fonda–  they all praised the lockdowns. The Covid lockdowns. Jane Fonda went as far as Covid is ‘God’s gift to the left’ — exact quote. The idea here is they love the solutions to Covid. What they have been proposing at U.N. Climate summits for years planned recessions to fight global warming. What’s a lockdown — essentially an enforced recession. What John Kerry is saying we are going to have more viruses. Climate is now part of the Covid agenda. That’s what’s happening here. They are trying to scare everyone with climate — we’re going to have worse viruses if we don’t solve climate. Originally they were jealous of Covid. Now they are joining forces with the Covid virus in order to essentially achieve their climate agenda.

Jedediah Bila: Marc, sometimes when people hear about policies of this they think of it removed from them. Can you briefly talk about cost and energy costs and how this hits people’s bottom line when you are talking about things like the Green New Deal?

Marc Morano: Yeah, I mean, this is going to hammer middle America, poor people. People on fixed income. It’s going to raise the cost of energy. They are going to turn — what Donald Trump’s presidency achieved American energy exports exceeded American energy imports for the first time since 1952 when Harry S. Truman was president.

The kind of policies which they are going to go right at the heart of overturn, raise the cost of energy. Guess what in the climate is not going to change one bit. But our way of life, our economy, our, you know, the pain and suffering of Americans will be impacted greatly to achieve nothing. And by the way John Kerry doesn’t believe this. He just bought a $12 million oceanfront villa in Martha’s vineyard a man who called people who don’t believe climate flat Earth. Is he not walking it.

Brian Kilmeade: Don’t get in cabs. You better hop on a bike. You can only have a certain amount of rides and certain amount of Ubers. Have a way to track it already seeing it under the Covid-19 restrictions. Marc, you called it first. Keep this on a VHS tape so we know you were predicting this. Marc, thank you so much.

Marc Morano: Thank you.

Steve Doocy: Brian, we can keep it on a tape but who still has a VHS machine.

Marc Morano: I still have Betamax.

Steve Doocy: I have a Betamax too but I don’t have a VHS.

Brian: I think they are coming back.

Steve: I also have an 8 track that’s something else. Janice Dean, you have the weather.


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