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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on John Kerry’s ‘World War Zero’ climate effort – Kerry joined by other ‘mansion owning millionaires’

Broadcast December 1, 2019 – Fox News Channel

Watch Video here. John Kerry launches ‘World War Zero’ climate coalition


World War Zero website: 

John Kerry Declares ‘World War Zero’ on ‘Axis of Opposition’ to Climate Agenda – The website extends the “war” metaphor throughout – even calling those who oppose their climate agenda “the axis” – a term used to describe Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II:


Claim: John Kerry, the former senator and secretary of state, has formed a new bipartisan coalition of world leaders, military brass and Hollywood celebrities to push for public action to combat climate change.

Morano: Kerry has said he is marrying the “top roots with the grass roots” in this effort and he has a bunch of mansion owning millionaires joining him.  Kerry has been promoting climate alarm for decades as Sec. of State and through the Heinz Foundation of his wife.

Claim: The name, World War Zero, is supposed to evoke both the national security threat posed by the earth’s warming and the type of wartime mobilization that Mr. Kerry argued would be needed to stop the rise in carbon emissions before 2050.

Morano: World War Zero? Sounds contrived and silly. Like the name of a new diet soft drink. This whole effort sounds like a big fat zero. Bringing in long-time climate ‘believers’ like Kasich and DiCaprio and Arnold and acting like you are doing something new and bold. YAWN. World War Zero? It sounds like Kerry want to go back in time and fight the industrial revolution to prevent it from happening.

Actually, zero is a perfect name. Since CO2 is not the driver of climate, zero equals nothing, and that is exactly what we should do about our CO2 emissions—nothing.  World War Zero is the perfect name for a war we don’t need to fight.

Claim: The star-studded group is supposed to win over those skeptical of the policies that would be needed to accomplish that. Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are part of the effort. Moderate Republican lawmakers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, and John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio, are on the list. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, and Ashton Kutcher round out the roster of more than 60 founding members.

Morano: How will they win over those skeptical of climate change? With Kasich who could not generate any interest in the GOP prez primaries? With DiCaprio and Arnold who have been shilling for years and have carbon footprints bigger than some nations!? Wil Carter or Clinton win over these skeptics? Kerry? I see ZERO evidence they will “win over” skeptics.

Claim: Their goal is to hold more than 10 million “climate conversations” in the coming year with Americans across the political spectrum.

Morano: We have kids indoctrinated from Kindergarten through college. Hollywood is infiltrating tv, movies and pop culture with the climate scare and academia, the UN and politicians endlessly banging the drum for climate ‘action.’ Do we really need 10 million more ‘climate conversations’?! Please spare us!! how about ZERO more ‘climate conversations.’

Claim: Earlier this week the United Nations found that the world’s richest countries, responsible for emitting more than three-fourths of planet-warming pollution, are not doing enough to keep Earth’s temperature from rising to dangerously high levels.

Morano: But how? The UN Paris climate pact was hailed as the agreement that saved the planet in 2015! UN admits ‘historic’ Paris climate pact did not save Earth after-all! Now says: Cutting CO2 ‘not enough’ – ‘We must change food production to save the world’ –

But in 2015, the UN Paris climate pact was supposed to be enough. Kerry himself said we had ‘solved’ global warming! 

Secretary of State John F. Kerry in 2015: “This is a tremendous victory for all of our citizens–not for any one country or bloc, but a victory for all of the planet, and for future generations.”

Al Gore in 2015 on Paris pact: “Years from now, our grandchildren will reflect on humanity’s moral courage to solve the climate crisis and they will look to December 12, 2015, as the day when the community of nations finally made the decision to act.” 

French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius in 2015: “History is coming, in fact, history is here,” he said. “On 12 December 2015, we can have a historic day, a major date to go down in the history of mankind. The date can become a message of life.”

Morano: Now we are told we need to save the planet all over again! How exhausting! How about a World War effort to stop the climate madness!


Claim: Mr. Kerry said while individual members might personally promote specific climate policy proposals, like a tax on carbon dioxide pollution, or the Green New Deal, the coalition is not aimed at promoting any particular plan.

Morano: Sure. As long as any plan raises energy costs, hurts jobs and gives politicians, UN bureaucrats more power, it will be fine by Kerry’s coalition.


Black Friday for Amazon: Blame Jeff Bezos’ firm for climate change, say French activists

Morano: Disrupting shoppers in stores is not going to help their cause

Protestors claiming Black Friday causes climate change?! Protestors now also interrupting college football games, delaying them.
& DC traffic at rush hour
Going after Amazon shopping, Black Friday, football games, & making traffic mess are all losing propositions!

Claiming everything causes climate change so they will interrupt our daily lives until we give in to their demands of essential socialism and massive expansion of government. There is no climate ‘crisis’ or climate emergency. These poor kids and students who think they are out there fighting for their future when in reality they are being used as silly tools for shrill claims of a climate ’emergency.

They are being used to advocate for energy rationing and scientific illiteracy

Do climate activists really think that this will win over the public? How about more interruptions of Super Bowls, World Series. We saw how protesting the national anthem did not help the cause of the players kneeling in the NFL

Organizers have encouraged would-be shoppers on Black Friday to boycott the holiday and focus on the degeneration of the planet by joining the climate strikes.

December’s demonstrations will coincide with the COP25 environmental summit that will take place in Madrid from December 2 to December 13.


2) Scare the public with new phrases?! (It may be fun if we pick a few and get my impromptu reactions to each one. )


Phrases suggested:

The Great Collapse
Planet Critical
Emission Critical
Scorched Earth
Boiling Point, Melting Point
Climate Collapse, Climate Chaos
Global Meltdown, Global Melting

Morano: The ‘greenhouse effect’ was used in the 1980s. Then ‘global warming.’ Then ‘climate change’. Then there were attempts for phrases by John Holdren like ‘global climate disruption’ (

Then ‘global weirding.’ (

Flashback 2005: Barbra Streisand helped pioneer the inane phrase ‘Climate Emergency’: Streisand in 2005: “Al Gore passionately stressed that our world no longer has a climate problem, we are in a climate emergency.” Streisand also told ABC’s Diane Sawyer that we were “in a global warming emergency state.”

Most activists now seem to have settled on ‘climate emergency.’ As nations, media outlets and Universities and the EU are all declaring a ‘climate emergency’

All of these alarming sounding terms like ‘climate emergency’ are beyond parody.

It is simply a lobbying campaign by the media, academia and activist scientists who are trying to instill even more fear about alleged global warming.

I think these phrases will ultimately hurt climate activists because it is so over the top that people know instinctively they’re being lobbied and conned.

The use of these phrases can only backfire for media outlets. It will only serve to expose the media as having no objectivity on this issue.

When media outlets use these phrases, their audience will recognize that the outlet is shilling for climate alarm and so-called ‘solutions’ and tune out even more.