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China slams U.S. for not doing enough for environment ahead of UN climate summit By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Sunday, December 1, 2019 China, the world’s largest greenhouse-gas emitter, doesn’t think the United States is doing enough to fight climate change. With the annual U.N. climate conference starting Monday, a top Beijing official slammed the U.S. and other developed countries, accusing them of lacking the “political will” […]

Delingpole: Greta Goes Full Marxist – ‘Colonial, racist, & patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled’ climate change Delingpole: Greta the Teenage Climate Puppet Goes Full Marxist DECEMBER 1, 2019 By Paul Homewood The mask has slipped!   Greta Thunberg the teenage Climate Puppet has gone full Marxist. In her latest public statement, she says that the ‘climate crisis is not just about the environment’: That action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, […]

More UN climate summit hype: Nine climate tipping points now ‘active,’ warn scientists University of Exeter Summary: More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now ‘active,’ a group of leading scientists have warned. Share: FULL STORY More than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now “active,” a group of leading scientists have warned. This threatens the […]

UN COP25 ‘Climate’ Summit Promises More ‘Global Governance’ by Alex Newman Globalists and promoters of the man-made global-warming hypothesis have high hopes to advance “global governance” during the upcoming United Nations 25th Conference of the Parties (UN COP25) in Madrid in December. Described by organizers as the “COP of Action,” the summit will “enact the demands from the streets” and from the […]

CNN helps hype upcoming UN climate summit: ‘Climate crisis pushing Earth to a ‘global tipping point’ – Call for ‘urgent action’ to avoid ‘existential threat to civilization’ (CNN) The Earth is heading toward a “global tipping point” if the climate crisis continues on its current path, scientists have warned, as they called for urgent action to avoid “an existential threat to civilization.” The group of researchers, who published a commentary in the journal Nature, say there is growing evidence to suggest that irreversible changes to the […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on John Kerry’s ‘World War Zero’ climate effort – Kerry joined by other ‘mansion owning millionaires’

Broadcast December 1, 2019 – Fox News Channel Watch Video here. John Kerry launches ‘World War Zero’ climate coalition Background:  World War Zero website:  John Kerry Declares ‘World War Zero’ on ‘Axis of Opposition’ to Climate Agenda – The website extends the “war” metaphor throughout – even calling those who oppose their climate agenda “the axis” – […]

GRETA SNAPS: ‘Change Everything,’ ‘Climate Crisis’ About ‘Colonial, Racist, And Patriarchal Systems Of Oppression,’ Fossil Fuel ‘Literally’ Killing Us By Ryan Saavedra Far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg unloaded on the world in an op-ed published on Friday, claiming that fossil fuels “are literally” killing mankind, and that they are a threat to “our very existence” as she said that her “climate crisis” agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting […]

EU Parliamentarian Celebrates Passing ‘Climate Emergency’ — Then Hops On Jet To Frankfurt, & Berlin By P Gosselin Europe’s hypocrite of the week After celebrating at Twitter the passage of the symbolic climate emergency in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday, parliamentarian Sven Giegold of the Green Party hops on a jet to Berlin! We’ve all heard about the EU declaring a global climate emergency. Man has to profoundly […]