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John Kerry’s New ‘World War Zero’ Climate Coalition Likely to Achieve Just Zero – Star-Studded Climate League Of Doom

If the left’s ongoing conniptions on climate change haven’t proven hysterical enough, former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry decided to launch a bipartisan “World War Zero” coalition on climate change.

Some of the big names headlining “World War Zero” are former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, former moderate Republican governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting and Ashton Kutcher. The group’s goal is to unite “unlikely allies with one common mission: making the world respond to the climate crisis the same way we mobilized to win World War II,” [emphasis added] according to the group’s website. It also purportedly hopes to “achieve net-zero carbon emissions,” with the dubious promise of creating “millions of new jobs in the process.”

The Heritage Foundation critiqued the Green New Deal’s similar ambitions in March, stating, “the number of jobs destroyed would far outweigh any subsidized jobs created [by the scheme].” And John Kerry himself stated at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) that “If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions – remember what I just said, all the industrial emissions went down to zero emissions – it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65 percent of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world” [emphasis added]. Liberal billionaire Bill Gates also admitted that divesting completely from fossil fuels would have “zero” impact on the climate.

The New York Times, in a puffy piece headlined “John Kerry Launches Star-Studded Climate Coalition,” summarized part of the group’s strategy on November 30:

“With a starting budget of $500,000, Mr. Kerry said, he and other coalition members intend to hold town meetings across the country starting in January. Members will head to battleground states key to the 2020 election, but also to military bases where climate discussions are rare and to economically depressed areas that members say could benefit from clean energy jobs.”

Another outlandish goal for the group is allegedly to “hold more than 10 million ‘climate conversations’ in the coming year with Americans across the political spectrum,” The Times noted.

The Times also complained that “Net carbon emissions from the two largest polluters, the United States and China, are expanding.”

What The Times failed to mention, however, is that the “[t]otal U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 reached their lowest levels since 1992, according to the final Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Inventory,” Energy In Depth, a research program of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, reported.

Kerry reportedly noted of his “bipartisan” group that, “while individual members might personally promote specific climate policy proposals, like a tax on carbon dioxide pollution, or the Green New Deal, the coalition is not aimed at promoting any particular plan,” The Times summarized.

But that didn’t stop The Times from offering their own praise for the Green New Deal, saying that the $93 trillion socialist monstrosity “envisions addressing climate change and income inequality in tandem, with a federal job guarantee and federal mandates like ensuring the country’s power and electricity systems run entirely on renewable energy by 2030.”

Fox News contributor and founder of Steve Milloy summed up the new climate coalition nicely in a tweet: “Billionaires and Hollywood and they could only raise $500,000 to ‘save the planet.’ Not ‘World War Zero’ — just zero.”