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COVID Lockdowns no longer called ‘lockdowns’: ‘Dimmer switch’, ’emergency brake’, ‘freeze’, ‘retightening’, ‘disruptions’ & ‘pause’ make debut as politicians avoid word ‘lockdown’

You know politicians realize  COVID “lockdowns'” are unpopular when they start naming them something else. Lockdowns are out. In are the following: 
Here are the details of the ‘lockdown’ euphemism spin alley:
‘Dimmer Switch’
It’s not lockdown, it’s a ‘dimmer switch’ on your life, claims Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member – Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member Dr. Celine Gounder on lockdowns: “I think of it like a dimmer switch, whereas before we had an on and off light switch. So, we can dial up and dial down in a much more granular fashion.”
Biden advisor Dr. Celine Gounder

‘Pulling an emergency brake’
“The spread of Covid-19, if left unchecked, could quickly overwhelm our health care system and lead to catastrophic outcomes. That is why we are pulling an emergency brake,” Gov. Newsom said on November 16, 2020. 
“Governor Newsom announces CA is ‘pulling an emergency brake’, meaning counties will move back after 1 week, not just 2 weeks, some counties will move multiple tiers” – Source
Oregon governor issues statewide two-week ‘freeze’ due to coronavirus spike – ‘Restaurants and bars will be take-out only.
Gyms and fitness organizations will be closed’ during ‘freeze’
– “Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide two-week freeze, and implemented new measures to limit group activities in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. According to the governor’s office, the two-week freeze measures will be in effect from November 18 through December 2 for the entire state. In Multnomah County, however, the freeze will last until December 16.”


Minnesota is issuing a COVID ‘pause to save lives’ – November 19, 2020


‘Fire break’ in UK

Wales lockdown: what are the new rules as ‘fire break’ ends? – November 21, 2020


‘Circuit Breaker’ in UK

Can a 2-Week ‘Circuit Breaker’ Lockdown Curb COVID-19? The U.K. May Be About to Find Out – Time Mag – October 19, 2020


Update: “Disruptions” is the new word for lockdowns.



The Washington Times called CFACT’s Climate Depot, the website Marc Morano manages, “an astute website which tracks climate, political and culture-related aberrations around the world.” – November 17, 2020

‘LOCKDOWN’ HAS BEEN BANISHED: “COVID-19 lockdowns are no longer called lockdowns,” points out Marc Morano, founder of the — an astute website which tracks climate, political and culture-related aberrations around the world.

“Lockdown advocates are all in on not saying the word ‘lockdown,’” says Mr. Morano, who is now collecting a whole lexicon of replacements now favored by Democratic politicians and advisers who hope to retool the image of the very unpopular lockdowns imposed during the coronavirus pandemic.The new words are (drum roll please): “Dimmer switch,” “emergency brake,” “freeze” and “retightening.”

Listen: Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times on Climate Depot’s analysis of new phrases for lockdowns:  – November 21, 2020 – Harper: Climate Depot is “a very smart site that tracks all the climate hijinks that people do and all the political and cultural aberrations.”