Physicist: ‘Evidence Mounting for Global Cooling Ahead: Record Snowfalls, Less Greenland Ice Loss’ By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Despite the ongoing drumbeat of apocalyptic proclamations about our warming climate, a close look at recent evidence suggests we’re on the threshold of a cooling spell. Even before the northern 2020-21 winter arrives, early-season snowfall records are tumbling all over North America and Europe. And, while Greenland has been […]

COVID Lockdowns no longer called ‘lockdowns’: ‘Dimmer switch’, ’emergency brake’, ‘freeze’, ‘retightening’, ‘disruptions’ & ‘pause’ make debut as politicians avoid word ‘lockdown’

You know politicians realize  COVID “lockdowns’” are unpopular when they start naming them something else. Lockdowns are out. In are the following:  Here are the details of the ‘lockdown’ euphemism spin alley: ‘Dimmer Switch’   It’s not lockdown, it’s a ‘dimmer switch’ on your life, claims Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member – Biden COVID-19 Advisory […]

Canadian PM Trudeau confirms Great Reset: ‘This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a Reset’ – We need ‘to re-imagine economic systems’ by ‘building back better’

I thought this was supposed to be a conspiracy theory. But here it is, straight from Trudeau’s mouth. The pandemic is the excuse for a “Great Reset” of the world, led by the UN. — Ezra Levant 🍁🚛 (@ezralevant) November 15, 2020 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking to UN conference – September 29, […]

It’s not lockdown, it’s a ‘dimmer switch’ on your life! Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member: ‘Think of it like a dimmer switch, whereas before we had an on and off light switch. So, we can dial up and dial down in a much more granular fashion’ During a Fox Business Network interview, Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member Dr. Celine Gounder said we need to target “places that we know are big contributors to transmission are indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, and also private social gatherings of friends and family in the home” for closures. On the plus side, she is suggesting […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is giving out almost $800M to ‘fight climate change’ By Chris Ciaccia – FOXBusiness Nearly nine months to the day since he first announced a $10 billion fund to fight climate change, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has named the first recipients of the grants, worth almost $800 million On Monday, Bezos, who is worth approximately $183 billion, announced 16 grants worth $791 million as part of the Bezos Earth Fund “fight climate change […]