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Automated Transcript:

Question: “But one thing that despite all these things that many people would agree with you on many people would disagree with you on on climate change
um due to the fact that um many you know what is it 98 of scientists?

Morano: Yes that’s what they say 97 but yeah al gore says 99 so why say 97 when you can say 99. why do so many scientists believe in climate change okay i’ll give you i’ll give you a roundabout answer right now we’re actually having a debate you said people would agree with me on covid come back in ten years how many people are going to agree on covid probably less here’s why we see Stanford nobel prize-winning chemists epidemiologists who are now being censored on social media are now being attacked by their colleagues are being disinvited to scientific conferences because they have inconvenient anti-lockdown views about covid okay so start with that prestigious accepted scientists immediately smeared silenced threatened younger scientists and i’m talking about epidemiology now are looking at this saying well there’s no i’m not coming out the dutch scientist has a huge biggest study on mass and covet no journal will touch it what journal editor is going to publish a study that says mass don’t work in the age of covert they see the handwriting so suddenly as
this goes on just fast forward a couple years 97 of all epidemiologists agree that lockdowns are the greatest thing ever where are the scientists that don’t
agree we’re watching them be destroyed right now in the debate on covid there is no debate allowed that’s what i’m telling you so i wrote a book the politically incorrect guide to climate change i have a movie climate hustle one and two we go through and profile the scientists who went through exactly what is happening in the covet debate now so that people could make up numbers i’m not saying you personally said it but number is like 97 percent
in the book i devote a whole chapter to that 97 percent is pulled from thin air according to a top u.n scientist it was one of the studies was based on 77
anonymous scientists where they asked a survey that answered two questions that most skeptical scientists would have answered and they came up with the 97 consensus it’s a number designed to stop debate why don’t they want debate because debate is messy that’s why we have social media censorship
that’s why journals won’t publish stuff that’s against the narrative the best thing to think about and covet and compare it to climate is every mass study every single one but almost the consensus of mass studies going back to 1970s so they don’t work even in hospital settings against viruses and and any kind of mandated public wearing them is absurd because people touch it they they don’t do other things like socially distance um and the other things that would matter in terms of keeping distance and they actually create more bacteria for your mouth and your because you’re constantly touching they don’t change it
but you look at the science before anyone cared what the answer was and that’s the thing if you look at mass studies pre-covered it’s overwhelming that mass don’t work and they would never recommend it that’s why they never recommended it but if you look at mass studies postcovid not only have the editors of the new england journal of medicine had come out with a study saying master is just a a way to make people feel safer there’s no evidence that outside of settings that anyone should be wearing a mask the authors of that and i actually predicted this on twitter i said watch the authors who said this are going to have to recant this statement because they’re not going to be able to work or have a career sure as they came out and came out
and said we actually favor mandatory match we didn’t really mean what we said in the in our study so then they come out with a bunch of modeling studies and they come out with a bunch of studies that say look we put a mass mandate on and death’s drop most the mass mandates went on long after the deaths had stopped so this is science in the age of covid that’s what exactly what we went through in the age of climate so i would implore you before you ever say a 97 figure understand that any scientist who descends isn’t allowed to get funding be published have an opinion be invited to a conference and i can
then show you that in the climate world and then i can show you that right now it’s happening in the covet world so that within a year or two 97 of all coveted scientists say lockdowns and mass mandates have always worked that’s the we’re being imposed under the public health flu detox or rule by uh white lab coats which is what we’re under and everyone’s suffering under and donald trump is the great orange hope to repel the great uh white lab coat uh unelected
bureaucracy ruling over us.