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OUTRAGEOUS: A Large Danish Study on Mask Wearing Is Being Delayed by Publishers of Major Medical Journals – Therefore Preventing the Results from Being Made Public

By Joe Hoft

One of the biggest questions in the world right now is whether the use of masks is beneficial in preventing contracting the China coronavirus.  A study attempted to do just that but publishers will not take it on and are preventing it from being published.

A large mask study out of Denmark is complete but being delayed in publishing.  Although the size of the study and the study’s design are well within the parameters of a solid study, publishers will not take it on:

The purpose of the study was once and for all to try to clarify the extent to which the use of masks in public space provides protection against the corona infection.

One of the authors of the study is upset the study has not been published for peer review. The world needs to know the results of the study and should be provided a chance to challenge it and determine its viability:

Alex Berenson shared that the study should be released – we need to know if wearing masks is harmful:

We can guess right now why the study is not being published – because masks don’t work in preventing the spread of the China coronavirus and likely are harmful to your health.