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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Biden’s Green New Deal 2.0 – Biden ceding climate policy to AOC, Sanders wing of party

Broadcast July 18, 2020

Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel

Jedediah Bila: Thanks, Jason. Joe Biden revealing part of his build back better economic plan this week focusing on clean energy with a $2 trillion price tag, but is Biden’s so-called clean energy revolution just the green New Deal with a different name? Here to react is executive editor of climate and author of the politically incorrect guide to climate change, mark welcome to the show as always so is this the green New Deal revisited, what’s the deal here?
>> Marc Morano: Biden’s Climate advisory council recruited Tom Steyer brought in former Obama EPA officials, brought on AOC and Bernie right behind and they have literally ghostwritten this plan. It is his version of the Green New Deal which on paper is only half as expensive as AOC’s original green New Deal but it has all the aspirations of it. It’s a slightly slower start than AOC’s vision but once it commits us Biden’s overriding principle is he wants to make this so no future president, what Trump has done to President Obama, could ever undo this so once this begins they could put my price tag they want on it because it’s going to be locked in and Biden is essentially doing the exact same thing that AOC, that Bernie Sanders and all of the other architects of the Green New Deal did. (See: Biden: “We’re going to lock in progress that no future president can roll back or undercut to take us backward again.”)
Jedediah: And Marc, we have an interesting flashback from July 8 of Bernie Sanders. Check out what he had to say on policy proposals.
[Video clip of Bernie Sanders: “The most knowledgeable people in the country coming together to deal with education and climate change. The compromise that they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most Progressive president since FDR.”]
Jedediah: Yeah, so this is after they put out their unity plan that seems to me an admission that the hard left of that party is now heavily involved in kind of organizing what Joe Biden releases. Now, is this a surprise to you though? Doesn’t he have to cater to that hard left to get them excited to get out and vote for them?
>> Marc Morano: Biden absolutely does have to cater. This, you know, AOC’s Chief of Staff, other architects of the Green New Deal have admitted it’s nothing more than a redistribution of wealth and a change everything in America plan — so they are just using the climate issue to do that and Biden, as he’s running, has to unify the base, so he’s brought in, — matter of fact he’s basing his climate plan on Wash. state Governor Inslee — who barely showed up in the polls and made his campaign about climate — so you’ve got Inslee, AOC, Carol Browner from Obama’s EPA — they are all basically taking over Biden’s climate and energy plan and this is from the hard left of the Democrats, the same people if you remember who wanted to ban car ownership in favor of a fleet of rental electric cars and one of the candidates said who wants to stop in the single-family homes — Elizabeth Warren — wanted to unless they’re built sustainably. All of those regulations are coming courtesy of the Biden version of the Green New Deal. Maybe just slightly less expensive at the start and slightly less noticeable. He’s trying to mask it a little bit from as Slate magazine was saying it’s the green New Deal without the crazy or wackiness or leftist overreach is what he said at least it’s being presented as more mainstream. It’s the same plan.
Jedediah: You know, Marc, we don’t have much time but very quickly will this marketing work?
>> Marc Morano: I don’t know. Climate is not a huge issue like they thought it was going to be in the 2020 election. One of the things that climate activists are so jealous of is they saw how the lockdowns from COVID happened and everyone from U.N. Officials, to professors to teen activists — they’re all saying if we can shutdown the world for a virus we can do it for a climate emergency. So they’re trying to use the Green New Deal to shut down and regulate the economy, as we did with the lockdowns. That’s what their dream is, to be able to regulate every aspect of our economy.
Jedediah: Yeah, well thank, Marc we appreciate your input and it remains to be seen will the Biden campaign rebrand any other old hard-left policies coming our way in the future thanks so much.
>> Morano: Thank you.
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