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Winter sea ice maximum extent on March 5 was the highest since 2013 The most positive thing that US National Snow and Ice Data Center sea ice experts could say about this year’s winter sea ice maximum was that it wasn’t a record breaker. But it provides ample polar bear habitat when the bears need it most: just before the critical spring feeding season. In fact, they said: “The 2020 […]

Pope Francis says coronavirus may be ‘nature’s response’ to climate crisis By KATE FELDMAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a global pandemic for a natural disaster. Pope Francis said in a new interview published Wednesday that he believes the coronavirus outbreak is “nature’s response” to humans failing to save the ecosystem. “We did not respond […]

Next Solar Cycle Could Bring Cooler Temperatures Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation London, 6 April: A former BBC science correspondent says that there remains a real possibility that unusual solar behaviour could influence the Earth’s climate, bringing cooler temperatures  for the next decade. Despite rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the reduction in solar activity along with cooling from other long-term terrestrial […]

Climactivists Pressure Georgetown U. To Divest From Fossil Fuels Georgetown University has joined the list of universities that have given in to the demands of climate protesters. After a successful campaign by campus “fossil-free” activists, the university has announced a plan to divest from all fossil fuels. Georgetown University announced earlier in the spring semester that it will divest from fossil fuel companies […]

Government and Economics Made Dead Simple: Either people control the government or government controls the people By James D. Best There are only two types of governments.  Two.  That’s it.  There are those where the people control the government and those where the government controls the people.  Likewise, there are only two types of economic systems: economies where free markets control commerce and economies where bureaucrats control commerce. It’s that simple.  Really. The Two Types of […]

‘Except for foreign travel, Trump didn’t shut down anything’ – Democratic elected officials in cities & states enacted shutdown By Anthony J. Ciani “Trump ruined our economy and all for naught!”  “Trump and his capitalism put millions out of work for nothing!” If you haven’t already heard this from the “mainstream media” (AKA “fake news”), you soon will.  Fake news media, doing the bidding of their leftist and Democrat masters, have been trying to destroy Donald […]

Do the health experts see the collateral damage in shutting down the US economy? ‘How many Americans must die, not because of the virus, but because of your remedy?’ By Gordon Wysong The question must be asked of the medical professionals: how many Americans must die, not because of the virus, but because of your remedy? It is a great uncertainty, and that helps alleviate the medical professionals of their culpability in the collateral damage that is killing Americans.  How can anyone know this indirect […]

A populace kept fearful is ripe for abuse: ‘In our lifetime, the government has become the biggest purveyor of fear the world has ever known’ By Randy White At his inauguration to the presidency in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” In our lifetime, however, the government has become the biggest purveyor of fear the world has ever known.  The government has learned that if it can get us to fear, […]

Claim: The green movement made the Wuhan epidemic worse: ‘Just look at what we’ve spent all our time preparing for under the influence of the greens. Hint: not for a pandemic’ By Peter Skurkiss The environmental movement has made the Wuhan epidemic more severe than it would otherwise be.  And I included in this movement not just the enviro-activists and assorted kooks like Greta Thunberg, but also most of the Democrat Party and the entire media.  They have done this by continually harping and hyping the dangers of man-made climate change to the […]

Does a Health Emergency Give Government the Extraordinary Power to Violate Our Rights? By William Sullivan Over at the Daily Wire, author and podcast host Andrew Klavan concludes his article, “On Computer Models, Socialism, and Other Garbage,” with the following challenge to his readers [emphasis added]: And the next time some AOC-type knucklehead starts screaming about their computer models on the climate and how we need to destroy our […]