Do the health experts see the collateral damage in shutting down the US economy? ‘How many Americans must die, not because of the virus, but because of your remedy?’

The question must be asked of the medical professionals: how many Americans must die, not because of the virus, but because of your remedy?

It is a great uncertainty, and that helps alleviate the medical professionals of their culpability in the collateral damage that is killing Americans.  How can anyone know this indirect cause of death of poor Americans?  Yet there will be massive numbers of Americans who will die of poverty-related causes.  How can that be substantiated?  Look at just one study published in the Harvard Gazette and funded in part by the NIH.

The study concludes that richer people live longer, and the richer you, are the longer you live.  No plateau on how rich, and the converse is therefore true.  The poorer you are, the more likely you live a shorter life, again with no plateau.  The differences in life expectancy are startling.

Women have an age difference from richest to poorest of 10 years; men have 15 years!  Curing cancer would add only three years, but money can add much more.  Remembering that this is not a plateau, but a trend, can anyone disregard the effect of impoverishing Americans?  As income goes down, early death goes up.  This study doesn’t attempt to say why, only to document that it does.  No explanation of the reasons would change that fact anyway.  Americans being deprived of their wealth is killing them, and in an attempt to justify that, the so-called health professionals are increasingly minimizing this inevitable effect.

If ten million Americans are thrown out of work for months or longer, can their income be replaced?  Unemployment does not return them to earlier income, and the assets they lose when they are unable to make payments will impoverish them to a huge extent.  Imagine being 35, with a house, a boat, a student loan, and two cars payments.  Suddenly, the boat is gone, and all its equity goes with it.  Then the newer car follows, and a residual debt still exists.  A year goes by, and the student loan grows, the house is lost, and the prospect of a prosperous life is lost — possibly forever.

Now your lifespan is shorter by, say, six years.  Who took those years from you?

Multiply the lost years by the 40 million household members, and suddenly the carnage comes into focus.  It is similar to 3 million full lives!

This simplified model illustrates what is being done to the American people in the name of  “medical science.”  It raises the question of who is balancing the scales, and whether those people are ignoring those who are going to be the collateral damage.

It is becoming tiresome to see medical professionals elevated to the status of oracles.  No one without expertise is allowed to disagree with them, as they are geniuses beyond reproach.  Those who have seen this act before recognize it from the climate change experts, who continually rename their own Armageddon when it fails to develop.

There is risk with COVID-19, just as there is from influenza, skydiving, hospital-generated infections, malpractice, driving cars, prescription errors, military service, policing, and a host of other essential professional or recreational duties.  There is no opportunity to live in a risk-free society, and there are few who are attracted to same.

The time is at hand to issue a best practices protocol and get on with life.  Protecting income is as life-saving as preventing COVID-19, and quite probably more so.  It is urgent that Americans again become the can-do people and not the can-not people.  This will never be the recommendation of the health professionals — and many Americans will die early as a result.

Gordon Wysong is an engineer and entrepreneur who has served as a county commissioner in Cobb County, Ga.