Claim: The green movement made the Wuhan epidemic worse: ‘Just look at what we’ve spent all our time preparing for under the influence of the greens. Hint: not for a pandemic’

The environmental movement has made the Wuhan epidemic more severe than it would otherwise be.  And I included in this movement not just the enviro-activists and assorted kooks like Greta Thunberg, but also most of the Democrat Party and the entire media.  They have done this by continually harping and hyping the dangers of man-made climate change to the exclusion of everything else.

Every time you turn on the news these days, a health official somewhere in the country is bemoaning the lack of preparation for an epidemic and the lack of ventilators, masks, and other critical medical supplies.  The enviro-movement deserve part of the blame for this.  It was they who forced governments to direct enormous amounts of money to subsidies for wind and solar as well as to fund green pork-barrel projects like Barack Obama’s $535-million Solyndra boondoggle.  That money, or at least part of it, could have gone into preparation for a true danger — like a viral epidemic, an epidemic many health officials were warning about.

Look at California.  Its population centers sit on earthquake fault lines.  No doubt, some preparation has been done in the event of earthquakes, but if the big one hits, the need will dwarf what has been set aside.  Why?  Part of the reason is that Sacramento has been bowing at the green altar for years.  The state’s absurd high-speed rail is a good example of the waste.

And imagine what the country would be like in the midst of this Chinese coronavirus plague if the environmental movement had been able to strangle fracking or kill coal power as was Obama’s stated objective.  Without reliable power, what would hospitals look like now?  The answer is obvious, but it’s a question the media won’t dare ask.

Stupid decisions come with a cost.  The cost may not be immediate, but will have to be eventually paid when reality bites back.  So has the environmental movement learned any lessons now that it sees the Wuhan flu ravishing the world?  Not on your life.  Right now, the enviros are lying low.  But once the virus has burned itself out, they will rise out of their crypts like vampires to suck the blood out of the economy yet again.  This is possible not on the strength of their arguments or on science, but only because the media are fully on board with their leftist agenda.