Here we go again! Prince Charles issues new 10 years to save the planet tipping point – He previously issued 18 month, 100 month, 35 year tipping points The Prince of Wales warns that humans have just ten years left to save planet   Comes 50 years after he warned about plastic waste and chemical discharge  This was regarded as ‘completely potty’ at the time, said Prince Charles  By COLIN FERNANDEZ ENVIRONMENT CORRESPONDENT FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 17:30 EST, 18 February 2020 | UPDATED: 08:15 EST, 19 […]

The ‘shale gas boom is acting like a tax cut’ – Fracking Ban Would Hurt Environment By Nicolas Loris If a policymaker proposed banning cars and trucks or reducing the speed limit to 5 mph to reduce traffic fatalities, he or she would be laughed off the stage. Such a policy ignores the benefits of driving and disregards how people accept risk and trade-offs in their lives. So why should […]

The Looming Collision between Electric Vehicles & Green Energy. by Viv Forbes To download this article with all images click: Two green-dream fantasies are heading for a massive and costly collision. Firstly they dream of generating all grid power from wind/solar propped up by battery storage (such as lots of giant Tesla batteries and pumped hydro). Secondly, they dream of replacing all petrol/diesel/gas […]

Study: The Surprising Decline of Severe Weather Hail Events During Period of Modern ‘Global Warming’ It is a sacrosanct belief of end-of-world cultists that the global warming since the onset of the large growth in consumer/industrial CO2 emissions would bring in its wake devastating and extreme severe-weather events. But that has not been the case as a new peer-reviewed study discovered. Researchers investigated the frequency of severe thunderstorms and […]

Polar Bear Scare Unmasked: The Saga of a Toppled Global Warming Icon By Dr. Susan Crockford For almost twenty years, , we’ve endured the shrill media headlines, the hyperbole from conservation organizations, and the simplistic platitudes from scientists as summer sea ice declined dramatically while polar bear numbers rose. This video of mine from two years ago, which deconstructs the scare, is worth another look as International Polar Bear Day approaches with its associated ‘save […]

The Sorry State Of Climate Science: Supposed measuring of global avg temps from 1890 based on thermometers barely covering 5% of globe (until the satellite era began 40-50 years ago) by Geoff Dr. Mototaka Nakamura The supposed measuring of global average temperatures from 1890 has been based on thermometer readouts barely covering 5 per cent of the globe until the satellite era began 40-50 years ago. “We do not know how global climate has changed in the past century, all we know is some […]

Cancelled: Permafrost Apocalypse – Study in Science finds: Even if methane is released from large natural stores, very little actually reaches the atmosphere By Steve Milloy A new study published in Science indicates that even if methane is released from these large natural stores in response to warming, very little actually reaches the atmosphere. The media release is below. ### Old carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release UNIVERITY OF ROCHESTER Permafrost in the soil and methane […]

Climate Data Is Being Misused and Manipulated, Says Award-Winning Scientist Dr. Pat Michaels By Patrick Michaels, H. Sterling Burnett  Climate scientist Patrick Michaels says there has been a profound suspension of the normal rules of science in the climate arena. For Michaels’ presentation at ICCC 13 click here. Burnett: You coauthored a book titled Lukewarming: The New Climate Science that Changes Everything. What is the thesis of the book? copyright 2016 […]

Sen. Warren on Green New Deal: ‘I don’t think it goes far enough’ by Leah Barkoukis The Green New Deal promised a “massive transformation of our society,” with goals that include eliminating air travel, cars, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy, as well as retrofitting every building in America to be energy efficient. While most sane people understood the plan was a fantasy, albeit a dangerous one, Democratic […]