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Here we go again! Prince Charles issues new 10 years to save the planet tipping point – He previously issued 18 month, 100 month, 35 year tipping points

  • The Prince of Wales warns that humans have just ten years left to save planet  
  • Comes 50 years after he warned about plastic waste and chemical discharge 
  • This was regarded as ‘completely potty’ at the time, said Prince Charles 

‘We really do have to pull our fingers out now because the theory is we have got this decade left,’ he declared.

Prince Charles was marking the 50th anniversary of a landmark speech he made on the environment by calling for nature to be put back at the centre of modern life.

In 1970, he had warned about the problems of plastic waste, chemicals being discharged into rivers and air pollution caused by factories, cars and planes. This was regarded as ‘completely potty’, said the Prince.

The Prince of Wales delivers a speech during a visit to officially open the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) in Coventry on Tuesday

There was also derision for his practical solutions, like a bottle bank at Buckingham Palace or installing a reed-bed sewage treatment system at his Highgrove home in Gloucestershire.

Speaking in an interview on the Sustainable Markets website, the Prince said: ‘Everything we are doing has been to destroy our own means of survival, let alone the survival of everything else we depend on.

‘But at the same time, we seem to be unable to understand that there is an alternative way of doing it, which is to put nature back at the centre, value everything she does and build from there, and now there is an amazing amount that can be done through the circular bio-economy.’

Since his speech on February 19, 1970, to the Countryside Steering Committee for Wales, Charles has worked to develop solutions to climate change and highlighted issues like overfishing and the threat to the world’s rainforests.

He recently launched his latest project, the Sustainable Markets Initiative and Council, supported by the World Economic Forum.

The initiative aims to bring together leading individuals from the public and private sectors, charitable bodies and investors to identify ways to rapidly decarbonise the global economy.

The Prince added that scientists and evidence indicate that people are causing a ‘much more rapid rise in temperature and a much more rapid destruction of the Arctic and now the Antarctic’.