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Study: The Surprising Decline of Severe Weather Hail Events During Period of Modern ‘Global Warming’

It is a sacrosanct belief of end-of-world cultists that the global warming since the onset of the large growth in consumer/industrial CO2 emissions would bring in its wake devastating and extreme severe-weather events.

But that has not been the case as a new peer-reviewed study discovered.

Researchers investigated the frequency of severe thunderstorms and hail events to determine if the significant regional warming across the Tibetan Plateau (TP) area had generated more such events.

Tibetan Plateau storm and hail events frequency

From a review of the study….”despite considerable warming over the period 1960-2012, Zou et al. determined that there has been a statistically significant decline of 3.1 storms days per decade across the TP. Hail days, on the other hand, showed a slight increasing trend of 5.8% per decade from 1955-1980, but thereafter declined by a much larger 18.3% per decade over the period 1980-2012…..Consequently, they conclude that their results “imply that global warming is likely to cause a decrease in the conditions required for severe thunderstorm and hail formation in the TP over the next century.””

For those who keep abreast of climate empirical science, this is not a one-off study. The scientific literature overflows with studies refuting the doomer-alarmist predictions that an increased frequency and intensity of severe climate change weather events would develop – after 30+ years, it has simply not happened.

While this list is not comprehensive in any way, shape or form, it is indicative of the existing severe weather research available that refutes the spurious claims.

Additional severe weather charts.