Youth climate activist testifies to Congress: Warns ‘fix’ climate change or kids ‘will suffer catastrophic emotional injuries’

Vic Barrett, Fellow, Alliance for Climate Education and Youth Plaintiff in lawsuit against the U.S. government. Barrett testified along side teen climate school striker Greta Thunberg to the “Joint hearing with the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.”


Another one of our experts, Dr. Lise Van Susteren, a psychiatrist known nationally for her work on climate change, explains that quote “with continued government actions that exacerbate the climate crisis, the Plaintiffs, and those they represent, will suffer catastrophic emotional injuries.” She goes on to state that the federal government’s quote “sanctioning of climate change as lawful in federal law and policy makes the psychological injuries suffered by individuals, including the Plaintiffs, particularly harmful and insidious.” She warns that without immediate action by the federal government to address climate change the mental health impacts will worsen and be life-long.

Because climate change is a systemic issue, it will require systemic change and all three branches of government to fix it. The burdens of the system’s problems cannot be placed on the shoulders of an individual, especially not a young person like myself and my co-plaintiffs. To combat the system-wide government actions that have led to the climate crisis, we need system-wide reform at a governmental level to address this emergency before it’s too late.


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