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Mark Steyn: ‘Michael E Mann, Loser’ – Calls Mann ‘Doctor Fraudpants’ – Mann loses lawsuit against skeptical scientist by Mark Steyn The War on Free Speech September 17, 2019 Image courtesy of WattsUpWithThat At the turn of the century, Michael E Mann’s “climate change” hockey stick was the world’s most famous and instantly recognizable scientific graph, tirelessly promoted by UN propagandists and mailed by governments around the world to each of their […]

Youth climate activist testifies to Congress: Warns ‘fix’ climate change or kids ‘will suffer catastrophic emotional injuries’

Vic Barrett, Fellow, Alliance for Climate Education and Youth Plaintiff in lawsuit against the U.S. government. Barrett testified along side teen climate school striker Greta Thunberg to the “Joint hearing with the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.” Excerpt: Another one of our experts, Dr. Lise Van Susteren, a psychiatrist known nationally for her work […]

Sorry California, You Don’t Get to Choose What Vehicles the Rest of America Can Drive

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2019 MEDIA CONTACT: JON HAUBERT 303.396.5996 Sorry California, You Don’t Get to Choose What Vehicles the Rest of America Can Drive “The Administration’s efforts to reform this ill-conceived and wickedly regressive mandate will save consumers and workers money, preserve their choices, and ensure that the federal government, and not California, […]

‘Climate Confessions’: NBC News Asks Americans To Confess Their Climate Sins BY PETER HASSON NBC News is asking Americans to confess their climate change sins, though at least some people have taken the opportunity to troll the news company. “Even those who care deeply about the planet’s future can slip up now and then. Tell us: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change?” […]

Seattle teen testifies to Congress: Our ‘planet that is collapsing’ – ‘Solving the climate crisis goes against’ what America was ‘built on’: ‘Colonialism, slavery & natural resource extraction’

Seventeen year-old climate activist Jamie Margolin testified to the U.S. Congress today that the Youth climate activists are “the generation of the Green New Deal” and they reject the “colonialism, slavery and resource extraction” that she claimed America was “built on.” “Solving the climate crisis goes against everything that our country was unfortunately built on, […]

Is the ‘climate crisis’ fabricated or a tragic blunder? Is the “climate crisis” a cruel hoax or tragic blunder? By David Wojick Back when the climate “crisis – emergency – catastrophe – existential threat” stuff emerged, the October 2018 IPCC report was routinely cited as the source, although that seems to have faded. But the standard milestones, like net zero by 2050 and […]

UN climate roadshow opening in NYC By Craig Rucker Brace yourself, the UN is bringing its full climate roadshow to New York City this week. CFACT will be there! The UN’s fall General Assembly has gone all-in on climate propaganda, and kicked science and sound policy to the curb. UN Secretary-General António Guterres got the ball rolling on Friday during […]

Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Report compiles decades of dire failed ‘climate’ predictions By Sam Dorman | Fox News Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently suggested Miami would disappear in “a few years” due to climate change. The United Nations is convening a “Climate Action Summit” next week. And climate activist Greta Thunberg is on Capitol Hill this week telling lawmakers they must act soon. But while data from NASA and other top […]

Climate Kid Greta Thunberg Testifies to Congress: ‘I want you to unite behind the science…I want you to take action’ By PENNY STARR The House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis are holding a joint hearing on Wednesday billed as “Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis” and will feature the testimony of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede who starting a global school walkout movement, Fridays for Future. Thunberg, […]