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Seattle teen testifies to Congress: Our ‘planet that is collapsing’ – ‘Solving the climate crisis goes against’ what America was ‘built on’: ‘Colonialism, slavery & natural resource extraction’

Seventeen year-old climate activist Jamie Margolin testified to the U.S. Congress today that the Youth climate activists are “the generation of the Green New Deal” and they reject the “colonialism, slavery and resource extraction” that she claimed America was “built on.”

“Solving the climate crisis goes against everything that our country was unfortunately built on, colonialism, slavery and natural resource extraction,” Margolin, who co-founded the climate activist group Zero Hour, declared. “This is why the youth is calling for a new era all together,” she added. Margolin testified along side teen climate school striker Greta Thunberg to the “Joint hearing with the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.”

“We are ‘Generation GND’, the generation of the Green New Deal,” she explained. The Green New Deal is “a new chapter in American history. Transforming our culture into one that celebrates and enables radical climate action.”

Jamie Margolin testifies to Congress on September 18, 2019

Margolin continued: “I want the entirety of congress, in fact the whole US government, to remember the fear and despair that my generation lives with every day, and I want you to hold onto it. How do I even begin to convey to you what it feels like to know that within my lifetime the destruction that we have already seen from the climate crisis will only get worse?”

“Everyone who will walk up to me after this testimony saying I have such a bright future ahead of me, will be lying to my face. It doesn’t matter how talented we are, how much work we put in, how many dreams we have, the reality is, my generation has been committed to a planet that is collapsing.”

“You have heard of the Reagan era; The New Deal era. Well,  the youth are bringing about the era of the Green New Deal.”

She demanded “urgent climate action” in order to “salvage life on earth” and begin “climate recovery.”

Margolin warned of climate tipping points, warning that climate regulation “needs to happen within the next 10 years, which is our deadline to save life as we know it.”


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