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UN climate roadshow opening in NYC

By Craig Rucker

Brace yourself, the UN is bringing its full climate roadshow to New York City this week.

CFACT will be there!

The UN’s fall General Assembly has gone all-in on climate propaganda, and kicked science and sound policy to the curb.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres got the ball rolling on Friday during a visit to the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas.

From the UN’s official news service:

Mr. Guterres noted that the climate crisis has generated “turbocharged” hurricanes and storms, which are occurring with greater intensity and frequency. And without urgent action, climate disruption will only get worse, packing what he described as a triple punch of injustice… “These new large-scale climate-related disasters require a multilateral response.  Climate financing is one element,” he said.  “We must reach the target of $100 billion per year from public and private sources.”


Hurricane Dorian was natural weather.  Not climate. 

NOAA recently had this to say:

In the Atlantic, it is premature to conclude with high confidence that human activities–and particularly GHGs (greenhouse gases) that cause global warming–have already had a detectable impact on hurricane activity.

The UN Secretary-General is pushing us all down the slippery slope of what climate radicals call “loss and damage.” The idea is that developed countries should accept responsibility for natural disasters that strike poor countries.  This blatant push to buy poor nation’s votes by redistributing the world’s wealth should be no surprise to CFACT’s friends and supporters.

The U.S. and other prosperous nations will help the Bahamas because we are compassionate neighbors.  It is patently absurd to assert that our robust economies in any way slowed Hurricane Dorian down and gave it time to develop into the category five monster it became.

What we do have are the resources and infrastructure required to be there for a friend.

Thanks free markets!

Here’s another absurdity.  Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, who as CFACT reported, recently sailed across the Atlantic on a carbon fiber yacht made of propane and petroleum to protest… propane and petroleum, is leading school children in a global warming school boycott this Friday.  New York City has “excused” public school students who want to be part of the show.

The move from teachers indoctrinating other people’s children in leftist ideology, to forming them up into battalions of leftist activists on the street, is extremely disturbing.  So is the new  media spin that we must all accede to the demands of “the youth.”

What happened to last week’s spin that only academics who publish articles about climate computer models (that run too hot) in journals they control are entitled to have an opinion?

How many peer-reviewed scientific articles has Greta Thunberg published?

Terrified kids mouthing what adult activists have spoon fed them is no way to make public policy.

The UN will then put climate propaganda on full display as world leaders (and maybe Greta!) take turns reciting the scripts climate campaigners prepared for them before the General Assembly.

CFACT is headed to New York to confront this dangerous UN climate push head on.  Count on seeing some of our trademark creativity as we ask the tough questions the media ignores and lay out the straight facts the public deserves to know.

Stay tuned.