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Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on Fox News: Rips thermostat controls, Greta’s UN speech, the futility of trying to ‘control’ the climate

Broadcast August 21, 2019 – Fox News Channel

Marc Morano Appears on FNC’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ To Discuss Climate Change


Tucker Carlson: [Laughs] I mean, they be climate change is an existential threat. I’m certainly open-minded. But if it is, then why do none of the democratic responses seem very serious? None of them include, for example, ceasing to fly on private aircraft, which every single one of those people does all the time. Instead, their proposals entail making that more powerful shutting down any proposals that make people’s lives worse? First was a ban on plastic straws plastic bags.

This week, the Federal Energy Star program recommended that American Center thermostats to 82 degrees at night in the summer for the sake of stopping global warming. Okay, you first Marc Morano is the publisher of climate depot and the author of the politically incorrect guide to climate change. He joins us today, Mark, thanks a lot for coming on. Tonight. So there is this weird disconnect between the nature of the threat which is terrifying, it’s it’s Godzilla basically going to destroy all of us. And their proposals which are petty and small bore and disconnected from science.”

Marc Morano: “Yes, they are. In fact, the best quote, was a University of Pennsylvania scientist, a geologist who said even if we faced the climate catastrophe that they claim, none of the proposals offered by the EPA, the United Nations or the green new deal would have any impact on the climate, if in fact Carbon Dioxide was the control knob of the climate. It’s pure symbolism when it comes to the climate. And that’s what’s so shocking. The green new deal is nothing more than the same solutions. They were peddling in the 1960s and 70s. For the overpopulation scare for the resource scare with limited resources.

Tucker Carlson: Peak Oil.

Marc Morano: Yeah, all of that is the same exact solution. They’re using is global warming as the latest environmental scare to have the same solutions of wealth redistribution, sovereignty, limiting treaties, and massive intervention is central planning.

Tucker Carlson: That’s so actual scientists have noted, obviously, that if you’re worried about carbon, you probably should plant more trees that that might be practical. There’s zero interest that I can see it for any of these people in doing that.

Marc Morano: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor California climate champion, big champion of the Green New Deal-style proposals. He proposed to California when he was governor in a video address to the state that they should air dry their clothes on hang on a hanger for six months on the clothesline — for six months in order to reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, he was flying a daily jet to the governor’s mansion to his house. But for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor’s mansion was a step-down with the quality of his life. So he daily commuted from his home, but told Californians that they should have air dry their clothes on lines outside.

Marc Morano: By the way, in California mentioning energy store and these regulations. The state proposed emergency control over people’s thermostats in 2008, in order to get to control the energy flow of California and this was even the New York Times balked at this and said this is the outer limits remember the outer limits something’s gonna be taking over your CV to government wanted to take over. But mandatory There was such outrage, they stopped that. And that’s the problem. Now we’re facing with these ENERGY STAR regulations. It’s a creeping thing. It’s what’s voluntary now maybe going to be mandatory under the Green New Deal.

Tucker Carlson:  So, why wouldn’t Republicans, and I doubt they’re clever enough to think of this on their own. But why when it some sponsor legislation that bans the use of private air travel for people who are concerned about, or how about all private air travel? To see who votes for it?

Marc Morano: That would be a fantastic idea that the Republican Party most of their time, they don’t want to deal with this climate issue at all. Even Trump administration cabinet members are silent. Trump himself is the only one who really wants to speak and push back on this agenda.

Tucker Carlson: So that’s part of the problem is just want to lower capital gains tax,

Marc Morano: They want to talk about the regulatory impact, but they don’t want to go at the heart of it. Banning private jets is a fantastic idea because it would expose them all. Bernie Sanders himself — Even Hillary staffers talks about how much he demanded that in order to campaign for had to be on private jets. He spent millions on private jets back and forth During his 2016 campaign

Tucker Carlson: They are lecturing the rest of us who dare criticize Al Gore for having the largest house in the state of Tennessee and flying back and forth on a private plane. We were the bad ones were noting that.

Marc Morano: It’s nauseating, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 16-year old climate activist Greta Thunberg is taking a yacht across the Atlantic because she doesn’t want to fly. First of all, the yacht is made out of carbon fiber. But they are going to have to fly the crew back to you Europe. There are going to be all sorts of flights associated with her voyage, but the symbolism of her on a yacht is all that matters. It’s all they care about.

Tucker Carlson: Marc, Thank you. Thank you.

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