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Climate kid Greta protesting oil on elite racing yacht made of hydrocarbons

After the Green New Deal is implemented, and regular people can no longer afford to fly, can we all look forward to crossing oceans on carbon fiber composite racing yachts sponsored by the royal family of Monaco?

Climate child activist Greta Thunberg announced that she will not fly in planes, and so is traveling from Europe to a UN climate conference in New York on an elite racing yacht.  Greta achieved celebrity by boycotting school and speaking at climate events “on behalf of Climate Justice Now,” a radical climate pressure group that advocates world Socialism.

Here’s Greta’s speech last fall to the UN Climate Conference in Katwoice Poland.  CFACT was there!

“We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground,” she said, “and we need to focus on equity, and the solutions within the system are so impossible to find, that maybe we should change the system itself… We have come here to let you know that change is coming whether you like it or not.  The real power belongs to the people.”

The “system” Greta’s handlers want to overthrow is western democracy and its pesky individual and economic freedom.  The replacement they have in mind is centrally planned Socialism.  Using children to put a happy face on it still leads to Venezuela for all of us — or worse.

Malizia II does to not have a diesel auxiliary engine, as other boats in its class do.  It drags turbines through the water and uses solar to recharge batteries.  This does not make it “Green.”

Malizia II, like the rest of the yachts in the Imoca 60 class, is constructed from high-tech carbon fiber composites to make it ultra light and fast. It is the ultimate play thing of the wealthy elite.  These boats are made of hydrocarbons, not to mention all the energy it took to make them.

Carbon fiber composites are primarily made from propane and petroleum.  This boat was pumped out of the ground.

Watch workers transform petrochemicals into an Imoca 60 class racing yacht.

The Monaco Yacht Club is among the sponsors paying for the trip.  They removed all the corporate sponsor logos from the yacht so as not to be associated with the capitalist prosperity that built it.

Ending air travel is nihilism.  Going back to sailing to cross oceans is a 19th century solution that cannot meet 21st century travel needs.  This makes no economic, logistical, or ecological sense.  Maybe Greta Thunberg should have stayed in school a while longer.

Climate kid Greta protesting oil on yacht made of hydrocarbons