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MICHAEL MANN LOSES LAWSUIT AGAINST SKEPTICAL CLIMATOLOGIST DR. TIM BALL MICHAEL MANN LOSES LAWSUIT AGAINST CLIMATE SCEPTIC TIM BALL Date: 23/08/19 Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That Readers surely recall that the easily offended Dr. Michael Mann launched a court case for defamation against climate skeptic Dr. Tim Ball of Canada. In Feburary 2018 there was a complete dismissal in the lawsuit brought against […]

Watch: Morano on Fox with Varney: You have been Amazon.CONNED about rainforest fires & the Democratic Party is ducking climate debates & Inslee fails Broadcast August 23, 2019 – Varney & Co. – Fox Business – Watch here: Rush Transcript: Right now we are down 93. A few minutes ago we were down 140. >> The g7 meeting starts tomorrow and France’s president macron wants world leaders to put the fires in the amazon rain forest at the […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Sen. Sander’s Bigger Brassier $16 trillion Green New Deal: ‘Bernie is trying to out AOC — AOC!’ Watch here: Broadcast August 23, 2019 – Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends Sen. Sanders: Climate change is not a hoax because very serious reality for the planet…Climate change is real and it is causes deficit stating problems in our country and all over the world…We need bold and aggressive action to combat […]

Amazon rainforest fires at record high levels? ‘This is a blatant lie’ – Fires ‘nowhere close to a record so far in 2019’ By Les Johnson We are told that Amazon fires are at record levels right now. This is a blatant lie. The only “record” is that Amazonian fires have DECREASED over the “record”. This is what we are being told. Fig 1: Screen Shot of Google Search (search term: Amazon Fires at Record) This what […]

NASA: Amazon Is Burning At ‘Below Average’ Rates NASA Say The Amazon Is Burning At Below Average Rates – Yet Many News Stories Say Record Rates – Which Is It? By Robert Walker We have had wild fires for many years now in the Amazon, even in the tropical rainforest – mainly started by humans for forest clearing and ranching. It is […]

‘Practice What You Preach’: Student Asks Bernie Sanders About His Own Fossil Fuel Use – Sanders declares: ‘I’m not going to walk to California’   By SCOTT MOREFIELD Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders responded to a student who asked him a question about practicing what he preaches on fossil fuel use during a Thursday town hall in Chico, California, saying he would not stop using fossil fuels. WATCH: “So, I’m a senior at CSU Chico, [inaudible] major,” […]