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Watch: Morano on Fox with Varney: You have been Amazon.CONNED about rainforest fires & the Democratic Party is ducking climate debates & Inslee fails

Broadcast August 23, 2019 – Varney & Co. – Fox Business – Watch here:

Rush Transcript:

Right now we are down 93. A few minutes ago we were down 140.
>> The g7 meeting starts tomorrow and France’s president macron wants world leaders to put the fires in the amazon rain forest at the top of the agenda. We have seen a lot of coverage of this recently. Those fires are ongoing. Joining us, climate depot founder. The fires are getting political. I see a clash coming at the g7 between especially the europeans who are dead set against climate change and President Trump. There’s Politics coming up here.
>> There is. The first thing you got to understand, they are punishing Brazil’s leadership for threatening to pull out of the u.n. Paris agreement, for not accepting the scientific consensus, and they have actually distorted the fires here. NASA just came out and said historically, the fires in the amazon are not unprecedented, they are only up a huge amount from last year but they are historically low and only the biggest since 2013. Brazil is being punished because of these fires because of their stance on climate change. President Trump, the same way they punished President Trump. He’s going to this meeting and he’s been vilified for years for the same exact issue. Of course, trump doesn’t help himself by, you know, his demeanor with some of the world leaders. But in the case, you know, in the case of Brazil and trump, they will sort of be on the outs at this g7 summit by all the other leaders, particularly macron. Stuart: guaranteed. Now, I’m sure you saw it. Bernie Sanders submits his green plan, his climate change plan. $16 trillion worth of cost right there. Then we heard that the democrat national committee is not going to have a single issue debate. They were going to have a single debate on climate change. Now they’re not going to do it. Seems to me that the party, the democrats, don’t want an intense discussion of climate change because the country’s not behind it. What say you?
>> Absolutely, yeah. The climate candidate, governor inslee, just dropped out. He was at .2% at the latest Iowa poll. The day after he drops out, the dnc not only do they not have a debate, but biden’s campaign is quoted as saying a climate debate specifically focused on that is quote, dangerous territory for the democrats. This goes on the heels of even MSNBC saying that climate is a ratings killer, whenever they cover the issue. So the democrats are terrified of being seen as the climate-only party and bernie is just stepping up to the plate and trying to out aoc, aoc on the green New Deal, coming up with an even more expensive and ambitious plan. Stuart: is it $16 trillion? That was for bernie’s plan.
>> $16.3 trillion or something. Yes. Stuart: over a ten-year period, I think.
>> Yes. He also has magical thinking. 3% of our energy comes from solar and wind. By 2030 he wants it to be 100% of our electricity. This is fantasy thinking. He also wants to punish fossil fuel companies, start prosecuting them for the damage they have caused allegedly. He also is going to give $200 billion to the u.n. Green climate fund. This is a wish list of all the climate activists and political left and it’s really designed just to pressure the Democratic Party and particularly Joe Biden to kow-tow to the Democratic Party climate interests. Stuart: I think it’s a bad political strategy. Even the activists in the party who run the primaries, I don’t see them going for a $16 trillion climate plan and $31 trillion Medicare for all plan. I just don’t see that. I think they have gone so far out of line with the rest of the party that I don’t think they are going to win on this one.
>> No. And I think it’s pretty transparent. There’s a whole bunch of non-climate stuff in bernie’s plan, as there was aoc. This has nothing to do with the climate. This is using the climate scare to get this radical agenda across. I think it’s even scaring the quote from the biden campaign, not only was it dangerous territory but it’s dangerous territory for middle America, for expanding the Democratic Party base, and the mainstream democrats, the establishment, they are terrified of bernie. They are terrified of this issue and the way the hardcore activists want to exploit this into a wholesale change of the american economy which by the way, would have no impact on the climate even if they are right on the science which they’re not, using the epa’s own model. There would be no impact on temperatures 100 years from now

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