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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends – Bernie & The (Private) Jets – Sanders wants fossil fuels kept in the ground, but ‘he can’t keep from using fossil fuels lavishly — in the air!’ 

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Broadcast February 26, 2019 – Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel

Morano excerpts:Beyonce, Jay Z, Katie Perry — and Bernie. What do they all have in common? The Hillary Clinton campaign all paid them to fly around in private jets. Bernie Sanders has made his career out of calling for keeping fossil fuels in the ground. The problem is he can’t keep from using fossil fuels lavishly — in the air!

This is rank hypocrisy on the level that only Al Gore could compete.”

Fox News: Sen. Sanders criticized for by Hillary Clinton staffers for private jet flying – On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Marc Morano, the executive editor of, said it’s “rank hypocrisy” for Sanders to call for the U.S. to do more to fight climate change while “lavishly” using private jets himself.

“Outside of Al Gore, in electoral politics, Bernie was the guy as the number one ‘climate guru’ … and he just can’t keep himself out of these private jets,” Morano said.

He predicted that the public will see through Sanders’ double standard, and it will “have a corrosive effect” on the self-described Democratic socialist’s poll numbers.

Morano added that it’s ironic that it was Clinton campaign staffers who revealed Sanders’ extensive use of private jets.

“They’re eating themselves here. You rarely ever see climate activists on the left pointing fingers and going after each other for hypocrisy,” he said. “Usually it’s climate skeptics and others pointing out the hypocrisy. It is a rare moment.” See: Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights

Watch the “Fox & Friends” segment” above.