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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Sen. Sander’s Bigger Brassier $16 trillion Green New Deal: ‘Bernie is trying to out AOC — AOC!’

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Broadcast August 23, 2019 – Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends

Sen. Sanders: Climate change is not a hoax because very serious reality for the planet…Climate change is real and it is causes deficit stating problems in our country and all over the world…We need bold and aggressive action to combat climate change.

Steve Doocy: There you’ve got Bernie Sanders yesterday unveiling his plan for a Green New Deal. The newest green New Deal. Promising to combat climate change to the tune of over $16 trillion. Here to break down the details Marc Morano, Publisher of Climate Depot and author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.  Good morning to you.

Marc Morano: >> Good morning, Steve. Happy to be here.

Steve Doocy:  if all this stuff that Bernie wants, went into effect, how would it affect the climate?

Marc Morano: “If you go out fifth to 100 years, using the EPA’s climate models and assuming they are correct on the science. If you assume Al Gore is correct you would not be able to measure a temperature difference in 100 years based on the UN climate deal, the Paris agreement. It’s pure climate symbolism. Their own science supports that this is not about the science or climate change.

Steve Doocy: okay. So, let’s talk a little bit about what’s in it. He wants 100 percent renewable energy. Cut domestic emissions by 71%. Create 526 billion-dollar electric grid. On the big screen right now, if we could go back one, let’s look at how they would pay for it. 6.4 trillion from the sale of clean energy. 1.2 trillion from military cuts. 3.1 trillion in fossil fuel litigation. So they are going to sue the oil companies and 2.3 trillion raised from taxes on new Jobs. What do you think of that?

Marc Morano: It’s a massive restructuring. Interesting thing is suing the fossil fuel companies. First of all, fossil fuels provide more than 80% of the U.S. Energy, global energy. Solar and wind that he wants to by 2030 have 100 percent essentially renewables powering our economy — are 3% according to the U.S. Information Agency. He is going to turn 3% (solar and wind), somehow to into 100 percent magically at the same time go after fossil fuels which means prices are going to go up for everyone, hey, guess what? Energy price goes up. Bernie has the solution. He will have the government subsidize people who can’t pay so he is going to control it on one hand an subsidize it. It’s the perfect central planner’s dream. Perfect control over the energy economy with this plan.

Steve Doocy: He already endorsed AOC’s green New Deal. What’s the difference?

Marc Morano: The difference is this is even more ambitious. Bernie doesn’t want to be outdone by an upstart like AOC. He is coming out with his more aggressive, more expensive, more sweeping plan. So now the burden is back on AOC is she going to come back and compete with Bernie here” I don’t know, Bernie is now the king of the Green New Deals.

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