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Al Gore Poised To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive – Largest Investor in ‘Beyond Meat’

Climate Hustler, Partner At ‘Beyond Meat’ Largest Investor Al Gore Moves To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive

By P Gosselin

Well, wouldn’t you know it!  There he is again – behind another multi-million-dollar money-making scheme.

Al Gore is standing to rake in millions from a World Resources Institute meat consumption reduction report, a report that will certainly help boost profits for the meat substitute manufacturers – in which Gore just happens to be a big stakeholder.

Al Gore has ties to meat consumption reduction movement while holding huge stake in substitute meat company. Image: cropped here M4GW.

CNN recently reported here on the just published report from the global research nonprofit World Resources Institute. The 568-page report dubbed “Creating a Sustainable Food Future” recommends, among other actions, eating far less beef in order to rescue the planet.

Gore hack is WRI co-chair

But according to S___  at a thread at Twitter (see below), the WRI’s Co-Chair is David Blood. “David Blood is former Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management head who founded Generation Investment Management with Al Gore, yes that Al Gore,” S___writes under point no. 3.

So the report is now looking more and more like to a junk-science-based instrument designed to boost the plant-based substitute meat industry, which include major companies such as Beyond Meat.

Kleiner Perkins: biggest Beyond Meat investor

Generation Investment Management is connected to Kleiner Perkins, where former Vice President Al Gore is one of its partners and advisors.

Who’s Kleiner Perkins? It turns out they are Beyond Meat’s biggest investor, according to here. Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. The company went public in May and just weeks later the more than quadrupled in there value.

Yes, Al Gore, partner and advisor to Kleiner Perkins, Beyond Meat’s big investor, stands to haul in millions, should governments move to restrict real meat consumption and force citizens to consume the dubious substitutes and fakes.

If taken seriously, the World Research Institute Report, backed by Gore hacks, will help move the transition over to substitute meats far more quickly.

According to S___:

All these “We need to cut beef consumption to save the planet” stories originate from the World Resources Institute whose co-chair is a partner in the firm that collaborates w/ the main investor in  and his co-founder is a partner in the main investor.”

Another dubious money making scheme that reeks of ethics violations and that needs to be investigated.


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