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New Paper: CO2 Rise + Warming Are 91% Responsible For The Earth’s Accelerated Greening Trend Since 1990 By Kenneth Richard Satellite observations indicate the Earth has become much greener in recent decades. According to scientists, the overwhelming majority of the “significant increases in tropical forests and the forests of North America, Eurasia, and China” since the early 1990s can be attributed to the combination of CO2 fertilization (56%) and climate change […]

Al Gore Poised To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive – Largest Investor in ‘Beyond Meat’ Climate Hustler, Partner At ‘Beyond Meat’ Largest Investor Al Gore Moves To Profit Big From Anti-Meat Drive By P Gosselin Well, wouldn’t you know it!  There he is again – behind another multi-million-dollar money-making scheme. Al Gore is standing to rake in millions from a World Resources Institute meat consumption reduction report, a report […]

Greenland’s ‘Record Temperature’ denied – the data was wrong – No record heat after all! ‘Danish climate body wrongly reported Greenland heat record’ Anthony Watts / 16 hours ago August 12, 2019 From the “But, but, wait! Our algorithms can adjust for that!” department comes this tale of alarmist woe. Greenland’s all-time record temperature wasn’t a record at all, and it never got above freezing there. First, the wailing from news media: NYT: WAPO: Climate Progress: Polar Portal: Now from the […]

Chinese scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve – ‘Impact of the Sun on Earth’s climate may be greater than previously thought’ GWPF Newsletter 13/08/19 Chinese Scientists Warn Of Global Cooling, Impact Of Solar Activity British Farmers Accuse News Media Of Climate Alarmism A new study has found winters in northern China have been warming since 4,000BC – regardless of human activity – but the mainland scientists behind the research warn there is no room for […]