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Embarrassing – Watch: Dem House Committee Chair falsely claims UN report warns of ‘6th mass extinction’ – But UN witness rejects claim

The and claim that according to an unreleased report the earth is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, but what are the chances that’s not the case? Prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good.



Climate skeptics hijack House Dem hearing – Dominate discussion – Warmists lament: “How did these two dominate a hearing run by Democrats?”

Climate hearing turns ugly for Dems skeptics take over: Rip apart Green New Deal, UN Paris pact & 97% ‘consensus’ – Declare UN ‘Authoritative propaganda’

The UK Guardian reviews Morano’s testimony at Democratic House climate/species hearing: ‘Appalling…bullying…strident & personal…he aggressively attacked’

Greenpeace co-founder blasts UN species report: ‘That is not science. That is fiction. Fairy tale stories’

Media laments – UK Guardian: House GOP ‘called two prominent climate deniers’ Moore & Morano to testify – Morano: UN report ‘hypes and distorts biodiversity issues for lobbying purposes’

Climate skeptic Morano picks fight at Congressional hearing – ‘Verbally attacks the credibility of one of the UN scientists’


Climate Skeptic Steve Milloy Cheers: “Thanks for having a hearing that allowed climate skeptics, Patrick Moore and Marc Morano, to totally outclass your climate bedwetters. Now you know what bedwetters generally avoid sharing a stage with skeptics.”