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Embarrassing – Watch: Dem House Committee Chair falsely claims UN report warns of ‘6th mass extinction’ – But UN witness rejects claim The @NRDems and @RepHuffman claim that according to an unreleased @UN report the earth is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, but what are the chances that’s not the case? Prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good.   The @NRDems and @RepHuffman claim that according to an unreleased @UN report the earth is in the […]

Dr. Greta! Belgian university will honor ‘teen climate defender’ Greta Thunberg with honorary doctorate,-nicolas-hulot,-nicolas-terne Teen cimate defender Greta Thunberg will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Mons, alongside British economist Nicholas Terne and former French minister Nicolas Hulot, the university announced on Thursday. The three will receive their doctoral diploma and insignia at the official opening of the university’s 2019-2020 academic year on October 10. Thunberg, […]

Girl Bullied by Teacher, Classmates for Refusing to join ‘Climate Strike’ – Accused of being a ‘climate denier’ Swedish schoolgirl who refused to take part in one of campaigner Greta Thunberg’s ‘climate strikes’ is ‘bullied by her own teacher’ and labelled a ‘climate denier’ Pupils and teacher bullied a classmate for not participating in a ‘climate protest’ The teacher was agitated with the girl and told her to reconsider her decisions The […]

Study: ‘Much shorter working weeks needed to tackle climate crisis’ By Matthew Taylor People across Europe will need to work drastically fewer hours to avoid disastrous climate heating unless there is a radical decarbonising of the economy, according to a study. The research, from thinktank Autonomy, shows workers in the UK would need to move to nine-hour weeks to keep the country on track to avoid more […]

CLIMATOLOGIST’S NEW STUDY: CLIMATE MODELS HAVE BEEN PREDICTING TOO MUCH WARMING Date: 23/05/19 Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation Leading scientist warns that computer simulations are unreliable A leading climatologist has said that the computer simulations that are used to predict global warming are failing on a key measure of the climate today, and cannot be trusted. Speaking to a meeting in the Palace of Westminster […]

New UN Report on Looming Mass Extinctions Exposed in US House Testimony By Geologist Gregory Wrightstone A new UN report warns that “around 1 million species already face extinction, many within decades.” That allegation was contained within the 1,800-page Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) “Summary for Policy Makers,” released on May 6. If “decades” means 30 to 40 years, then the IPBES estimates an […]

‘Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances’ – ‘Think civilization may not exist when they’re of retirement age’ Many young people today think civilization may not exist when they’re of retirement age. Here are ways to get them to invest for the future. By Kari Paul Illustration/Sam Island Lori Rodriguez, a 27-year-old communications professional in New York City, is not saving for retirement, and it isn’t necessarily because she can’t afford to […]

The UK Guardian reviews Morano’s testimony at Democratic House climate/species hearing: ‘Appalling…bullying…strident & personal…he aggressively attacked’

Media outrage continues to grow: Climate hearing turns ugly for Dems skeptics take over: Rip apart Green New Deal, UN Paris pact & 97% ‘consensus’ – Declare UN ‘Authoritative propaganda’ – Greenpeace co-founder blasts UN species report: ‘That is not science. That is fiction. Fairy tale stories’ UK Guardian outraged: ‘Republicans give platform to climate […]