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Media laments: House GOP ‘called two prominent climate deniers’ Moore & Morano to testify – Morano: UN report ‘hypes and distorts biodiversity issues for lobbying purposes’


House Republicans have called two prominent climate deniers to testify in a hearing about a stunning international report that 1m species are at risk of extinction from climate change and environmental damage.

The study, compiled over three years by more than 450 scientists and diplomats, warns that human society is in jeopardy too.

While some Republicans are now raising concerns about the climate crisis, others in the minority in the House are still questioning the scientific consensus that global heating is an urgent and man-made threat. New polling shows climate change is more politically polarizing than abortion in the US.

The hearing is happening in a subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee. In response to the damning report, subcommittee Republicans have called climate deniers Marc Morano, the founder of Climate Depot, and Patrick Moore, chairman of the CO2 coalition.

Morano claims the report “hypes and distorts biodiversity issues for lobbying purposes”, while Moore’s group argues, despite the overwhelming science to the contrary, that more carbon dioxide is good for the planet.

The study warns that “the continuing expansion of human activities is significantly altering the fabric of life of the planet”.

Thankfully, there will be some non-quack scientists testifying. Robert Watson, former chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, will tell the committee there is “unequivocal” evidence that biodiversity “is being destroyed by human activities at a rate unprecedented in human history”.

You can watch the hearing here.