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Another climate scare fades away: Warmist Michael Mann criticizes fellow activists for promoting the ‘pseudo-science’ of the Arctic ‘methane bomb’



Auto Generated translation of Michael Mann’s methane bomb comments:
Mann: “One of the components of this sort of catastrophism this prophecy of inevitable doom that is promoted by by some individuals one of the components of that is this idea that there’s a methane bomb that there’s so much methane that is you know previously stored in the permafrost and then the coastal shells of the Arctic Ocean and and and so much of it now is going to be destabilized and escaped into the atmosphere that it’s going to double or triple the warming and again will lead to utter doom on our part.
Interestingly when you take the promoters of that bad science that pseudoscience to task their response is almost as visceral and angry as the sorts of responses you encounter from climate change deniers they seem to be psychologically invested in the notion that our peril is inevitable.
And when you challenge them on it and and for good reason because the science doesn’t support this the best carbon cycle scientists who have studied this problem say ‘yeah there’s a certain amount of methane that we it could be mobilized and it will add to the warming, but it’s a small contribution compared to the warming we are causing by the burning of fossil fuels.'”

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