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Green New Deal’s false scientific premise exposed: Physicist rips cow farting climate fears: ‘Worrying about methane emissions is the greatest waste of time’

Physicist Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen has once again dismissed fears over methane emissions as a climate change concern. “Worrying about methane emissions is the greatest waste of time in the entire lexicon of global warming fanaticism,” Sheahen, an MIT educated physicist and author of the book “An Introduction to High-Temperature Superconductivity,” told Climate Depot. Sheahen has co-authored peer-reviewed study on methane in 2018. (See: New research finds methane virtually irrelevant as a greenhouse gas  & Greenhouse Gases -A More Realistic View by Dr Tom Sheahen and Jock Allison – Allison-Sheahen FINAL The Journal SEPT 2018 V6)

“Converting methane to CO2 is done by the process of ‘flaring’ — setting fire to the stack gas coming off from an oil well, as is done daily throughout the Middle East, where the oil is valued but the CH4 [Methane] is not,” Sheahen explained. He was reacting to this recent article, Surprise: China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rising At ‘Alarming Rate’.

Dr. Tom Sheahen

“If I were the Chinese government, I’d pay a tiny bit of lip-service to mentioning methane, but in fact to nothing at all about it. It goes away via natural processes,” Sheahen wrote. Sheahen is the writer of the popular newspaper column “Ask the Everyday Scientist.” Sheahen is featured in the new book, ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’ by Marc Morano. 

“The number ‘Global Warming Potential’ is completely false, a nonsense calculation thought up by the IPCC to drum up more concern beyond just CO2. Both CH4 and CO2 are far less important GHG’s (greenhouse gases) than good old H2O (water). When you’re doing underground coal mining, you have to let the trapped CH4 escape or else you’ll poison the workers. The practice of bringing a ‘canary in the coalmine’ was specifically intended to sacrifice the bird’s life to detect dangerous levels of methane so the miners could get out quickly,” Sheahen explained. Also see: Cows absolved of causing global warming: ‘Livestock could actually be good for environment…can cut emissions of a powerful greenhouse gas’

Despite methane concerns outlined in the Green New Deal, Sheahen is not concerned about it. See: ‘GREEN NEW DEAL’ LOOKS TO TACKLE THE SCOURGE OF ‘FARTING COWS’ & METHANE Mendacity : Cows, Farts And New Green Lies – ‘Climate Crisis Industry has always been the centralized control of human beings’

“The most important thing about CH4 that everybody forgets is that it drifts up from the surface to the stratosphere reasonably quickly, and there it is oxidized: CH4 + 2 O2 –> CO2 + 2 H2O. This is why H2O remains about 4 ppm even in the stratosphere, when it has supposedly ‘frozen out’ at the top of the troposphere. As for CO2, changing the stratospheric concentration from 400 ppm to 402 ppm is an undetectable change,” Sheahen wrote.

“The IPCC itself acknowledges that H2O is responsible for 70 to 90% of the greenhouse effect. Despite that, the IPCC lists the GHGs as CO2, CH4, N2O, O3 …, and leaves H2O out of their count or ‘inventory’ of GHGs. They have done so for 4 decades, due to the computational difficulties of handling H2O, which varies widely all over the world. They treat H2O as a ‘feedback factor’ upon the amount of CO2. That;s completely crazy! The importance of H2O is far greater than the importance of CO2; and CH4 is so tiny as to be completely irrelevant,” Sheahen added.

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