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Pressed by Climate Activists, Senate Democrats Plan to ‘Go on Offense’ – ‘To make combating climate change a central issue of their 2020 campaigns’ WASHINGTON — Facing a showdown vote as early as this month over the embattled “Green New Deal,” Senate Democrats are preparing a counteroffensive to make combating climate change a central issue of their 2020 campaigns — a striking shift on an issue they have shied away from for the past decade. Senator Chuck Schumer […]

John Kerry, Chuck Hagel lead former national security officials in rebuke of Trump’s climate skeptic panel by Josh Siegel Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, along with nearly 60 other retired national security and military leaders, said Tuesday that President Trump’s attempt to create a panel to challenge climate change science will make America less safe. “Imposing a political test on reports issued by the […]

New anti-AOC billboard slams Democrat over Green New Deal ‘boss’ comments By Brittany De Lea The Job Creators Network (JCN), which has launched a very public campaign targeting the policies of New York Democratic Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, put up a new Times Square billboard on Tuesday criticizing recent comments the lawmakerOpens a New Window. made about her Green New Deal climate change plan. “Hey AOC, you’re the ‘boss’?” […]

MAG: Is This The End of Recycling? ‘Other countries won’t take our papers and plastics, they’re ending up in the trash By ALANA SEMUELS After decades of earnest public-information campaigns, Americans are finally recycling. Airports, malls, schools, and office buildings across the country have bins for plastic bottles and aluminum cans and newspapers. In some cities, you can be fined if inspectors discover you haven’t recycled appropriately. But now, much of that carefully sorted recycling is ending up in the […]

AOC Is A Hypocrite On ‘Global Warming’ By MICHAEL J. KNOWLES  @MICHAELJKNOWLES March 5, 2019 Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to talk a good game on environmental issues, but recent findings show that while she talks the talk, she does not walk the walk. Michael Knowles calls her out on Monday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show.” Transcript and video below. 1.00 Unmute […]

Time Magazine ‘Hero of the Environment’ Michael Shellenberger exposes wind/solar power: ‘Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet’   Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment” Michael Shellenberger Key excerpts: In 2002, shortly after I turned 30, I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to addressing climate change. I was worried that global warming would end up destroying many of the natural environments that people had worked so hard to protect. I thought the […]

Another climate scare fades away: Warmist Michael Mann criticizes fellow activists for promoting the ‘pseudo-science’ of the Arctic ‘methane bomb’

  Via: Hmm: Mann criticizes climate "catastrophists"; there's a movement with "almost cult-like figures" who "declared we have only 10 years until humans are extinct"; says the "methane bomb" scare is "bad science, pseudo-science". — Tom Nelson (@tan123) February 11, 2019 Auto Generated translation of Michael Mann’s methane bomb comments: Mann: “One of the components […]

First Mammal Climate Extinction?! – Blaming the Bramble Cay Melomy or Rat’s extinction is ‘absurd’ Eric Worrall / 2 weeks ago February 19, 2019 Bramble Cay Melomy. State of Queensland [CC BY 3.0 au], via Wikimedia Commons Guest essay by Eric Worrall A deceased rat “species” composed of the inbred descendants of a few castaway rats which washed up on a low laying river delta island in Australia’s Cyclone Alley is our warning […]