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Analysis: Courtroom ‘tutorial’ on ‘climate change’ sees warmists get schooled Climate Alarmists May Inherit the Wind They likened a courtroom ‘tutorial’ to the Scopes Monkey Trial. But their side got schooled. By Phelim McAleer San Francisco Five American oil companies find themselves in a San Francisco courtroom. California v. Chevron is a civil action brought by the city attorneys of San Francisco and Oakland, […]

Rush Limbaugh: Climate Change Wackos Exposed in California Court RUSH: Trump backs out of the Paris accords. Oh, do we have news on climate change today based on what happened in a courtroom in California. Let me give you the bare upshot of this. There’s a lawsuit being filed against the fossil fuel companies like Exxon and Texaco and — there’s five of […]


By Run Clutz, Science Matters Global ocean temperatures continue to fall and are now colder than they were before the record 2015/16 El Nino. The best context for understanding decadal temperature changes comes from the world’s sea surface temperatures (SST), for several reasons: The ocean covers 71% of the globe and drives average temperatures; SSTs […]


  By Richard O. Faulk, RealClearPolitics After failing in every American political forum since the Paris climate accord was reached two years ago, the climate change movement has once again retreated to the courts. Not surprisingly, these advocates selected California’s federal courts as the forum of choice, counting on their comparatively liberal dispositions to breathe […]

Trump Should Reconsider Red Team Blue Team Public Climate Debates

Via: President Donald Trump and America have been on a winning streak lately not seen since Reagan. After 8 years of complete and absolute malaise, underachievement, sub-par everything and at best mediocre performance, President Trump has righted the directionless drifting ship and set America on a new course, a course of winning. American exceptionalism is […]

Lake Chad Might Be Shrinking, But It Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change

By Paul Homewood   Lake Chad vanishing? Must be climate change!.   Lake Chad – a source of water to millions of people in West Africa – has shrunk by nine-tenths due to climate change, population growth and irrigation. But can a scheme dating back to the 1980s save it? “It’s a ridiculous plan and […]

During The 800s-1300s AD, Wine Grapes Were Grown At Latitudes Where Polar Bears Now Roam By Kenneth Richard on 2. April 2018 1-2°C Warmer Medieval Times Supported Wine   Vineyards In Russia, Norway, N England (55°N)   Image Source: Wikipedia Canada’s stable-to-increasing polar bear population extends its range slightly further south of the 55th parallel (York et al., 2016). Image Source: York et al., 2016 According to published geological evidence from the 1950s, remnants of […]