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Rush Limbaugh: Climate Change Wackos Exposed in California Court

RUSH: Trump backs out of the Paris accords. Oh, do we have news on climate change today based on what happened in a courtroom in California. Let me give you the bare upshot of this. There’s a lawsuit being filed against the fossil fuel companies like Exxon and Texaco and — there’s five of ’em. And the suit has been brought by environmentalist wackos.

They claim that all of these fossil fuel companies know that they are destroying the planet and are hiding the evidence. They claim in their lawsuit that they know that their business is creating the circumstances that cause climate change. So they filed this massive lawsuit. The judge in this case decided to have a little seminar before the trial actually began. And the climate change environmentalist wackos thought, “Oh, my God, this is a godsend. We’re gonna get to go in and we’re gonna rip these people a new one even before the trial begins.”

But what happened was the judge is an educated and informed person when it comes to climate change, even though the judge is in California. And the upshot of it is that the environmentalist wackos were made fools of. They demonstrated they are lying.

For example, one of these they said they had was a smoking gun memo, a smoking gun memo at Exxon and some of these other fossil fuel companies where they admit to themselves, internal memo, that they are destroying the planet, that they are engaging in activities causing massive amounts of C2O, causing greenhouse gases and the planet only has so much time.

So the judge said, “Well, let me see. You say they’ve got it. Where is it? What does it say?” And the fossil fuel companies eagerly produced it. You know what it was? It was a slideshow from a U.N. presentation on the international committee of planetary whatever, the IPCC, whatever that stands for. It was simply a slideshow that the U.N. put together, that the environmentalist wackos have been lying about claiming it’s a smoking gun memo from the fossil fuel companies.

The judge just made mincemeat of these people, demonstrated they’re lying, demonstrated they don’t know what they’re talking about and that there is no substance to their allegations at all. This is before the trial even began. And the trial has not yet begun. This was a preliminary stage.