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RIP: Pioneering Hurricane Forecaster & Climate Skeptic Dr. Bill Gray Dies at 86

Renowned meteorologist William Gray passes Pioneering hurricane forecaster William Gray dies at 86 – William Mason Gray (Bill), emeritus professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on April 16 at the age of 86. He had remained active in his hurricane and climate change research up until the time […]

House Science Committee Hosts Premiere of ‘Climate Hustle’ – Panel Discusses Film

The panelists discussed the media’s flip-flops between global cooling and global warming scares, the misleading statistic of “97 percent” consensus among scientists, as well as the chilling effect on science of left-wing calls to prosecute or jail climate skeptics as “war criminals” or under RICO laws. Morano also shared exclusive clips from an interview he […]