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House Science Committee Hosts Premiere of ‘Climate Hustle’ – Panel Discusses Film

The panelists discussed the media’s flip-flops between global cooling and global warming scares, the misleading statistic of “97 percent” consensus among scientists, as well as the chilling effect on science of left-wing calls to prosecute or jail climate skeptics as “war criminals” or under RICO laws.

Morano also shared exclusive clips from an interview he did with Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” suggesting his new moniker could be “The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy.” Morano asked Nye about Robert F. Kennedy’ Jr.’s call to jail climate “deniers” for treason. Nye refused to dismiss such calls as extreme or over the top.

Rather than being concerned about the “chilling effect” prosecution would have on scientists, Nye claimed skeptics are “leaving the world worse than they found it …”

“I’m very passionate about this issue,” Palin told Variety in an exclusive interview before the April 14, Capitol Hill event. “We’ve been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man’s activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way.”

The panel discussion was videotaped to be shown at the conclusion of Climate Hustle when it premieres in theaters across the country May 2, during a one-night presentation by Fathom Events and SpectiCast.