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Washington Post Insiders: ‘Democrats’ lost momentum on climate change’ — ‘Climate change is probably leaving the stage as a political issue — just as Pres. Obama is trying to gather momentum for a major push’

Excerpt: As I said last week, fewer Americans view global warming as a “very serious problem” today than just six months ago. In October, 39 percent of Americans viewed global warming as a very serious problem, compared with 33 percent who believe that to be true today. … Higher energy prices and the Democrats’ pointless […]

Round Up of EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy’s Senate Confirmation Hearing — Via

Via Biggest Shocker at EPA Confirmation Hearing: Obama nominee doesn’t know global temp trends — Gina McCarthy pled, “Don’t look at me as a climate scientist.” Boxer threatens GOP if secret email issue is pursued: ‘If this is where they want to go, well bless their hearts…’  McCarthy: EPA can’t give scientific data to Congress because […]