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Round Up of EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy’s Senate Confirmation Hearing — Via


Biggest Shocker at EPA Confirmation Hearing: Obama nominee doesn’t know global temp trendsGina McCarthy pled, “Don’t look at me as a climate scientist.”

Boxer threatens GOP if secret email issue is pursued: ‘If this is where they want to go, well bless their hearts…’ 

McCarthy: EPA can’t give scientific data to Congress because of medical privacy concerns — What’s redaction? 

Sessions asks McCarthy about global temp trends; McCarthy says ‘Don’t look at me as a climate scientist’ 

Sen. Cardin: Children miss school & parents miss work because of air pollution induced asthma — Ben: Show us an example 

Gina McCarthy: ‘I believe that coal will continue to be a significant source of power in the U.S.’ 

Boxer interrupts Barrasso to save Gina McCarthy from embarrassing e-mail questions at EPA confirmation hearing 

McCarthy on CO2: ‘It’s been made very clear to EPA that CO2 is a pollutant’ — RealityDrop: EPA made CO2 a pollutant 

Vitter to McCarthy: ‘Did you ever use private e-mail for EPA biz?’; McCarthy: ‘Only to send docs to/from EPA’ 

Sen. Boozman: ‘Too often EPA ignores the law’; EPA should not invent congressional intent 

Sen. Sessions: EPA’s reach into American lives not contemplated by Congress when laws were passed 

Wicker: Obama EPA persists in putting Americans out of work for ‘minimal’ gains; ‘Show us the science’ 

Sen. Carper: Because McCarthy worked for GOP govs, Senate GOP has no reason to object to her running EPA 

Sen. Sanders: ‘The issue is whether global warming is a hoax’ 

Sen. Sanders: Global warming increasing drought — RealityDrop: Drought overestimated for 60 yrs 

Barrasso: EPA ignores health effects from EPA-caused unemployment 

Vitter: EPA ‘hides, cherry-picks scientific data’ — JunkScience has been pushing this issue for years! 

Vitter: ‘At EPA, withholding knowledge is power’; EPA refused since 1990s to provide scientific data to Congress 

Vitter: EPA ignored 3.75 of 5 requests made 3 weeks ago in face-to-face meeting 

EPA nominee to get tough questions about why she approved new car air-conditioning refrigerant that caused ENGINE FIRES in Mercedes-Benz tests — “Gina McCarthy, who faces a hearing Thursday morning on her fitness to serve as EPA administrator, was primarily responsible for EPA’s promotion of an automotive air conditioning refrigerant that caused engine fires in Mercedes Benz testing, MailOnline can report.”