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Will ‘Climate Denial’ Become an International War Crime? by Eric Worrall Greta Thunberg recently dropped into Kyiv to Help Ukraine Push the UN Ecocide Narrative – the push to treat environmental crimes on a par with war crimes. But “Ecocide” goes a lot further than acts of war. Russia is accused of ‘ecocide’ in Ukraine. But what does that mean? By Radina […]

Biden approves massive Willow Project oil drilling in Alaska that climate activists derided as ‘carbon bomb’ By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News The Biden administration announced Monday that it is moving forward with approving a massive 30-year oil drilling project in Alaska over objections from climate activists and Democratic lawmakers about its environmental impact. The Department of Interior (DOI) approved three of the five drilling sites proposed by […]

China goes for cheap coal to beat green West Net Zero Samizdat 6 March 2023 1) China goes for cheap coal to beat green West Reuters, 5 March 2023 2) Two-thirds of European battery production at risk without subsidies Transport & Environment, 6 March 2023 3) Madness on stilts: Hydrogen boilers might need ‘four-inch holes in walls to prevent explosions’ The Daily Telegraph, 3 March 2023 […]

EU countries now import more natural gas from the U.S. than from Russia

Source: — Philipp Heimberger (@heimbergecon) January 12, 2023 That you observe in those data. I have to wonder how much energy from other sources originates in Russia. — Stephen Miran (@SteveMiran) January 12, 2023 Pretty unbelievable, and not cost effective at all. Only took a war in Ukraine and 1.5 pipelines to blow up […]

Worldwide Coal Use Set To Hit An All-Time High Due To Energy Crisis By JACK MCEVOY Global coal consumption will reach an all-time record by the end of 2022 as shortages of natural gas have driven up energy prices, forcing countries to burn more coal, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The international community is set to use over 8 billion tons of coal in 2022, […]

Electric Vehicle Charging in Oslo, Norway is Now More than Twice as Expensive as Filling Gas-Powered Vehicle By Jim Hoft It is now more than twice as expensive to charge an electric vehicle in Norway’s capital, Oslo, than to fill up a gas-powered vehicle. It was reported in the local newspaper Avisa Oslo that the price of Oslo’s municipal electric car chargers rose dramatically after the city’s budget was approved last week. As of […]

Millions cannot afford to heat homes as UK faces Arctic snap,front%20arrives%20from%20the%20Arctic. More than 3 million low-income UK households cannot afford to heat their homes, according to research, as a “dangerously cold” weather front arrives from the Arctic. The UK Health Security Agency has issued a cold weather alert recommending vulnerable people warm their homes to at least 18C, wear extra layers and eat hot food to protect […]