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Private Jets Flock To Dubai For COP 28: Event Set To Have Biggest Carbon Footprint In History BY AARON BAILEY COP28, the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, will have the highest carbon footprint in history due to its many attendees. Private jets have been spotted at Dubai International Airport during COP28, raising concerns about the conference’s environmental impact. Despite the focus on sustainability, world leaders attending COP28, including the British PM, […]

Jet-Set Hypocrites Want to Keep Billions in Poverty Around the World

Jet-Set Hypocrites Want to Keep Billions in Poverty Around the World by Vijay Jayaraj The United Nations Conference of the Parties, more commonly referred to as COP, is a yearly climate conference. This year’s COP, the 28th such event, is to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai between Nov. 30 and […]

Study: ‘World’s richest 1% created more CO2 emissions than 66%’ of the rest of the world’s population’ Climate Nexus: Rich People Will Cause A Million Deaths This Decade As They Ruin The Planet: The world’s richest 1% created more carbon emissions than 66% of the rest of the world’s population in 2019, a new analysis from Oxfam finds. The report, which analyzes the lifestyles and emissions of the wealthiest people on […]

Ford dramatically scales back EV plant amid plummeting sales in blow to Biden’s green energy goals – ‘This deal was a disaster from the start’ U.S. automaker Ford Motor Company is dramatically scaling back an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant under construction in Michigan as its EV business continues to lose billions of dollars. In an announcement Tuesday, Ford said it would resume the Marshall, Michigan, project, but reduce its scope by more than 40% and the number of jobs it is […]

No Juice: WSJ Columnist Finds 40% of EV Chargers She Tried in LA County Were Out of Service A Wall Street Journal journalist who owns an electric vehicle (EV) was dismayed to find that about 40 percent of the chargers she tried throughout LA county were out of service. A troubling data point for car companies and government officials claiming that the entire country will soon go electric. A test of 30 non-Tesla fast-charging […]

As NYC’s fleet of electric Uber, Lyft and Revel cars grows, fears rise charging network won’t meet demand New York Daily News As New York’s fleet of Uber, Lyft and other for-hire vehicles moves toward a zero-emission mandate by 2030, concerns are growing that the number of car charging stations popping up across the five boroughs won’t be enough to meet driver demand. The problem may become more acute as the city Taxi […]

‘A Backseat Driver And Nanny’: Thomas Massie Speaks Out On ‘Kill Switch’ Provision That Could ‘Disable’ Vehicles By HAROLD HUTCHISON Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said Thursday that a “kill switch” provision from the 2021 infrastructure law would be “a backseat driver” for Americans. Massie’s amendment to kill the provision was defeated the House of Representatives Tuesday by a 229-201 vote. The provision was included as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill President Joe Biden […]

House Republicans Help Dems Preserve ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate That Could Shut Down Your Car BY: TRISTAN JUSTICE House Republicans failed to defund a federal “kill switch” mandate Tuesday night requiring all vehicles produced in 2026 and onward to feature technology that can automatically disable the vehicle “if impairment is detected.” This lays the groundwork for corporate and government access to monitor and interfere with personal movement. By a vote of 229 […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News: ‘This is a good development’ that California can’t spend massive influx of ‘federal climate cash’ to ‘advance climate action’ – Plus Google’s EV bus crash

Fox News – The Bottom Line – w/ Dagen & Duffy – Broadcast November 9, 2023 

Report: California needs more staff to “capitalize on the historic influx of federal climate cash” – University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, & the Environment report:

Morano: “They need more money because they don’t have enough people to spend the money. This is the actual report from Berkeley Center for Law and Environment, it actually calls it ‘federal climate cash’ — like get your hands on ‘climate cash’.

This reminded me of the TV show Breaking Bad. There was a scene when the drug dealer finally has so much money in his storage shed that he literally can’t spend it, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s just piles of cash.

Scene from Breaking Bad TV show – Season 5 – ‘How Much is Enough?’

Morano: “We’ve reached peak insanity now in the United States with the climate agenda led by California. This federal climate cash is sitting in the state with nowhere to go, no one to spend it, and here’s the thing as weird as it is, this is a good thing, right? Because the last thing you want to do is spend the money because they’ve already said they’re going look for ways to reduce emissions to meet the governor’s ‘climate neutrality’ Net Zero rule. And if they do that, it’s going to make Californians even poorer and pay for more expensive energy. So this is a good development, you don’t want them to spend it. Let the money pile up just like in the TV show with nowhere to be spent because spending it impoverishes Californians.”