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No F5 Winter Tornadoes In The U.S. For Fifty Years – Last one occurred in 1971 by Tony Heller The US has been hit by six F5 winter tornadoes since 1950, the last ones occurring  fifty years ago. 1953-12-05 MS 1957-12-18 IL 1971-02-21 LA 1971-02-21 LA 1971-02-21 MS 1971-02-21 MS 1950-2019_all_tornadoes.csv (7.1 mb) 28 Feb 1971, 40 – The Odessa American at Illinois was hit by an F5 tornado […]

Biden blames Kentucky tornado damage on ‘climate change’ to score political points – Ignores science & history A more scientific approach comes from Watts Up With That’s “Everything Climate” site which shows, using actual data, that tornadoes, in fact, “are getting less dangerous.” This historical tornado data, show that the number of all categories of tornadoes has been declining for the past 45 years and the number of strong tornadoes, F3 or higher, has been dramatically declining for the past […]

2020 Extreme Weather failing to alarm: ‘Global tropical activity below normal’ – ‘US tornado activity below normal and no reported EF-5s’ *A look back at global tropical activity and US tornadoes in 2020…global tropical activity below normal…US tornado activity below normal and no reported EF-5s* By Meteorologist Paul Dorian Perspecta, Inc. *A look back at global tropical activity and US tornadoes in 2020…global tropical activity below normal…US tornado activity below normal and no reported […]

Extreme Weather Expert: ‘World is presently in an era of unusually low weather disasters’

Via: Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should we be concerned about a reversion to the mean? by Risk Frontiers Professor Roger Pielke Jr (University of Colorado Boulder) Roger is a long-term Research Fellow of Risk Frontiers and recently it was our pleasure to be able to host him, once again, in Sydney. During this visit, we were rewarded […]

2016: Another ‘Very Quiet’ Year For Tornadoes – Continues decline since 1970s – ‘No EF-5 events’ last year

Tornado Stats For 2016–Another Quiet Year By Paul Homewood   NOAA have been very slow in releasing the final tornado data for 2016, but it is finally out now. As the provisional indicated at the time, last year was another very quiet year for tornadoes, and continued the pattern of a lower level compared […]

‘Floods are not increasing’: Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slams ‘global warming’ link to floods & extreme weather – How does media ‘get away with this?’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr., a Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado and a Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), slammed the linkage of global warming to the recent Louisiana floods and other types of extreme weather. (See: Bill Nye: Climate change is reason for Louisiana floods) Pielke […]

2015: U.S. Sees Another Quiet Tornado Season – ‘Numbers have been running well below average’

Via: Another Quiet Tornado Year So Far SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 By Paul Homewood We are now well past the peak of the tornado season in the US, so it is good to see that this year so far tornado numbers have been running well below average. This is now the fourth year in a row […]

Claim: ‘Extremely cold winter months likely held down the number of tornadoes in Oklahoma this year, resulting in the fewest twisters in the state since 1988’

Only 13 tornadoes hit the state through June this year, which was the latest available data. Only one of those tornadoes — an April 27 EF2 that injured 12 and killed one person in Quapaw — was of any “significance,” said Greg Carbin, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center. Only […]